LIONEL PODCAST: Part I – American MSM Haven’t A Clue About Egypt

I watched a segment on The View this morning. The gals were trying to make sense of Egypt. ‘Twas one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. No one had a clue as to what it all means. Save Babs, of course.

If the story’s not about Charlie Sheen or snow, our MSM are at a loss for what it all means. And the same goes for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party folks. Fox News and MSNBC anchors and anchorettes are left staring at the ground or feverishly thumbing through their play books because when it comes to international politics, they suck at levels that would make gravity envious. This defies the left-right paradigm.

And the global elites would have it no other way. MSM monkeys show us B-roll of cars overturned and hypnotize us with riotcams and audiences are like a child distracted by a parent jiggling the car keys. The International Crisis Group “strongly condemns the detention of Mohamed ElBaradei” which is, at best laughable. They’re an NGO on whose board Mo, who hasn’t been back to Egypt in 30 years, sits. This is all by design and artfully orchestrated by an organized globalist network that acts in front of the world, hiding nothing. And why shouldn’t they?

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