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LIONEL AUDIO PODCAST: 2010’s Over! Let’s Face It, It Sucked.

2010’s over. So let’s pretend it was great. Let’s repeat in rote fashion every hokum line we can think of in a Pavlovian obeisance to our perennial year-end rituals. Waxing nostalgic. Mindlessly.

Let’s watch news piece after news piece roll out the year’s death rosters, listing ad seriatim the newly-departed and count how many ways you can say, “Oh, yeah! He died. I forgot.”

Then you can watch the interminable media coverage of the Snowapalooza or Snowmageddon or whatever cutesy name they’re using now. Watch Mayor Bloomberg devolve before your very eyes, having learned nothing from Dubya and Katrina or Lindsay in ’69. I’m sorry, but it makes me feel good sometimes to see really smart people do really stupid things. And in the annals of stupid, Bloomberg’s pathetic response to a softball situation, viz. pretending you give a shite about the fact that your Sanitation Department dropped the proverbial ball (the Times Square New Years Eve pun duly noted, thank you), will go down as Brobdingnagian stupid.

And where would New Years be without the sot, the inebriate? The dipsomaniac and drunk. The fool who gets behind the wheel of a death machine and tries to drive. And thanks to the drunk driver, watch 2011 bring in a new tool in the civil liberties Terminator’s belt: the blood test warrant for those who exercise their right to refuse a breathalyzer. Just you watch. Judges will be kept on call to rubber stamp “warrants” for cops to siphon the blood from the veins of accused drunk drivers. Mobile Dracula units will roll up and gig folks who dare to refuse to submit to the authority of the heat. And you thought Big Sis Napolitano was getting a little aggressive with TSA gropings. That was just the beginning. It’s a new era, my friend. Draco would be proud.

I took it upon myself to record my thoughts and observations on the importance of image in politics. Image is all that matters in politics. Period. Efficacy, efficiency, smarts — none of it matters if the electorate doesn’t have the right image of the politician. And the media play into this dynamic perfectly.

So goodbye 2010; hello, this here new year.