LIONEL PODCAST: The Sick & Disgusting Truth About Charlie Sheen. And Stuff.

I’m sick. Sick of the criminally pathetic attempts on the part of MSM to analyze, parse and “get” the whole Charlie Sheen story, viz. his chemical self-destruction, the psychotic and manic rants of a dipsomaniac, a xanthodont in the company of two-bit ho-skanks and slatterns (but bless their hearts), his circuitous and passionate rants on the Alex Jones Show (pari passu to and with the circuitous and passionate rants of Jones himself), the attempts to discredit the 9/11 Truther movement by associating it with the crazed musings of this reality-challenged sot, inter alia. Well, I’ve had it. Herein is the definitive analysis of this story, missed by a nescient media and their slovenly slop that passes as journalism.

But first, as a proem, I provide yet another disquisition on the worst pathology of the human condition: the boring, the vain and the incomprehensibly vapid. Thank you and goodnight.

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