LIONEL PODCAST: Jesus? Is That You? Jesus!

We are an ethnocentric lot. Our heart bleeds for some folks and we shed nary a tear for others. Obama et al. want a No-Fly Zone over Libya. Translation: A military invasion. Why? Well, the true answer is oil. But if human rights violations are are our concern, why do we do nothing about the Congo, Darfur, the Sudan or Ivory Coast? Not a peep from anybody. Even the horrors suffered by women and children in the Congo. Women who suffer from fistulas after horrific rapes, genital and internal mutilation. So, why don’t we care? Well, first, there’s not much oil there. Not much oil, not much interest.

And we identify better with people who look like us. “Us” being the Western, Caucasian us. Us, U.S. Same thing. In fact, you even see such a bias in “history.” You’ve seen the depictions of the Swedish Jesus in various paintings and the like. A 2002 Popular Mechanics article enlisted forensic anthropologists and historians to come up with a depiction of what Jesus would have looked like, i.e. a Semite during that period. Lo and behold, behold. I give you Jesus.

  1. Taiwo Ogunlesi

    Your comment tonight was GREAT as usual.I suggest that to get attention to the RAPE victims of the Congo and the genocide of Rwanda, send Charlie Sheen to that side of the world. After all he is WINING. Taiwo.

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