LIONEL PODCAST: Why Pete King Is Right, Why Second Amendment Folks Should Be Watching Saudi Arabia & Why No One Cares About Africa

There are three areas covered specifically herein.

  • How the professional left and right miss the point regarding Peter King’s investigation into the domestic infiltration of radical Islam! The question is simple: Is he forbidden from broaching the subject? Of course not. So what’s the problem? His tone of voice? Attitude? What exactly is he doing wrong? Both sides jump into lockstep knee jerk. The pro left screams Islamophobia! on cue. The pro right slathers on the Islamofascist trope hype with the broad brush. People, relax. Think for once.

  • If it wasn’t for the ability of protesters in Libya and Saudi Arabia to get their hands on Kalashnikovs (AK-47’s) and assault rifles, they wouldn’t have a chance. Funny, are they rebels, rioters or freedom fighters? It depends where you’re from. And the rabid anti-gun group have a tough choice here: Do they encourage armed rebellion against an oppressive regime or do they maintain their staunch intransigent opposition to all guns, at all times in all places?

  • This was a piece that I did during my PIX 11 Commentary. I ask a very simple question: Why do we seem to forget or ignore the horrors of genocide, rape and unspeakable atrocities in the Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Africa in general? Why? As I note: If there’s not a lot of oil, there’s not a lot of interest. Not to mention the more insidious subtext: The perils of the (seeming) primitive, the non-Caucasian and non-Western don’t seem to wrench the media’s heart as much as those who look more like “us.” Not to mention, there’s not a lot of oil there.
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