FREE LIONELMEDIA PODCAST: The MSM Are Inept, Incompetent, Out Of The Loop & Lying!

I started in talk radio in 1988. Right at the advent of Rush and the new power of the medium. I’ve seen the industry itself change drastically, but the power of the spoken word hasn’t for a moment. And now more than ever there’s a need for the truth, viz. a full-tilt and unfettered exposure of the news in its warts-and-all totality. PIX 11 News At Ten provides me with an invaluable forum to analyze and parse the issues. It is simply the only news forum in the MSM that even approximates alternative, additional and supplemental news sources. For approximately a year, I’ve made available on a de minimis subscription basis my podcasts: a news and opinion perspective that is simply not heard anywhere on conventional terrestrial radio or MSM. It’s not radical or crazed or conspiratorial. It’s a viewpoint that is unabashed and unafraid to question the official story. Any story. And the more entrenched and repeated, the more it needs to be deconstructed and dissected.

This is just a sample. Subscribe. If you don’t like it, cancel. What do you have to lose? What are you afraid of?

Pilger’s Law states it clearly: Never believe anything until it’s officially denied. (I paraphrase.) Our MSM’s primary mission statement seems to be repeat, don’t report. They’re stenographers for the White House. Unwitting relayers of propaganda and the official account. Mindless dupes who repackage and regurgitate the message. Sports shows would never allow themselves to be the mouthpiece for players or owners. There’s more objectivity in sports discussions and less Pavlovian obeisance than in MSM news. And that sickens me.

Newsrooms and bureaus are being shuttered. Newspapers’ reign is speedily drawing to a close. The sole sources of relatively coherent news are the Internet, foreign news sites, blogs and alternative media. Citizen journalists. But they’ve no credentials. No training. Some have even suggested that licensing of reporters may be in the offing. Roger Ailes reportedly noted that one only needs a license to gut hair. Touché.

I am one of millions of concerned citizens of the world who has no political affiliation or ideological bent. I’m a political realist, a nihilist in many respects, a religious apatheist. I renounce the left-right paradigm. To quote the now oft-cited late Georgetown professor and Bill Clinton mentor Carroll Quigley, author Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, the argument that the two parties should be ideologically antipodal is insane.

And borrowing from one of the most misunderstood American politicians, Barry Goldwater, in you’re heart you know I’m right. Subscribe. Learn.

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