LIONEL PODCAST: The Pom Sot Christopher Hitchens Wouldn’t Be Believed If He Spoke With A Brooklyn Accent

Christopher Hitchens is profoundly full of it. I wish him and everybody a long life free from disease. That being said, he’s a blowhard and one of the biggest cons around who has duped a generation of gullible Americans into buying into that pseudo-intellectual, garbled, mumbled, maundering, Scotch-addled Britspeak prate. He’s a militant atheist and supported our folly in Iraq and Americans can’t get enough of him. Why? His accent. Simple. He makes me sick. A fallen commie-pinko, this guy’s changed his mind more than the Italian Parliament. But this self-styled polemicist is a bloviating windbag who has Americans conned.  Why? His accent.

Argument today lacks critical thinking skills and is broadly personality-based. And irascible phonies like this dude perpetuate the inanity.

And I’ve a few more ideas about others who drive me nuts. And, admittedly, it’s not a very long ride.

  1. Lionel, Self selection is the key, isn’t it?
    I got my subscription for the same reason you lost BanjoTiger


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