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LIONEL HOSTAGE VIDEO: Private Musings & Deep Thoughts. Or Something.

The official name of this piece is LIONEL UNPLUGGED: Decoding the Jejune World of Our MSM, Charlie Sheen et Myriad Miscellany. This has such a Red Brigade texture to it and just the way I like it. Raw, ribald, riveting and replete with rapid-fire ripostes.

Contains gluten.

LIONEL PODCAST: They’re All Lying! RUN!

I once read a Second DCA (Florida) case that defined a lie as a misrepresentation of the truth with the intent to deceive. How quaint. I’d like to add, especially as it affects our MSM, that a lie is the deliberate withholding of information. Or the withholding of information and a failure to conduct thorough reportage because of limited resources, funds, support or interest. Let’s throw into the mix a nescient, ignorant and lazy news audience who is rather loath to tackle the unsettling or that which inspires an uncomfortable reaction. Mix into the pot the latest crew, the debunkers, viz. those who scream “conspiracy theory” whenever something is advanced that causes critical thinking or disputes and lays bare a once-believed truth that turns out to be anything but. Our government shouldn’t care in the least about promulgating disinformation; that’s only necessary when a population cares about the issues in the first place.

If man were ever able to control and direct weather, what would the world look like? Is that even possible? Do you think that diabolical and brilliant scientific minds have thought about that? Keeping in mind that since time immemorial, man has tried to influence and control weather through prayer, sacrifice, rain dances, cloud seeding inter alia.

I wonder.

LIONEL PODCAST: Why Pete King Is Right, Why Second Amendment Folks Should Be Watching Saudi Arabia & Why No One Cares About Africa

There are three areas covered specifically herein.

  • How the professional left and right miss the point regarding Peter King’s investigation into the domestic infiltration of radical Islam! The question is simple: Is he forbidden from broaching the subject? Of course not. So what’s the problem? His tone of voice? Attitude? What exactly is he doing wrong? Both sides jump into lockstep knee jerk. The pro left screams Islamophobia! on cue. The pro right slathers on the Islamofascist trope hype with the broad brush. People, relax. Think for once.

  • If it wasn’t for the ability of protesters in Libya and Saudi Arabia to get their hands on Kalashnikovs (AK-47’s) and assault rifles, they wouldn’t have a chance. Funny, are they rebels, rioters or freedom fighters? It depends where you’re from. And the rabid anti-gun group have a tough choice here: Do they encourage armed rebellion against an oppressive regime or do they maintain their staunch intransigent opposition to all guns, at all times in all places?

  • This was a piece that I did during my PIX 11 Commentary. I ask a very simple question: Why do we seem to forget or ignore the horrors of genocide, rape and unspeakable atrocities in the Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Africa in general? Why? As I note: If there’s not a lot of oil, there’s not a lot of interest. Not to mention the more insidious subtext: The perils of the (seeming) primitive, the non-Caucasian and non-Western don’t seem to wrench the media’s heart as much as those who look more like “us.” Not to mention, there’s not a lot of oil there.

LIONEL PODCAST: Jesus? Is That You? Jesus!

We are an ethnocentric lot. Our heart bleeds for some folks and we shed nary a tear for others. Obama et al. want a No-Fly Zone over Libya. Translation: A military invasion. Why? Well, the true answer is oil. But if human rights violations are are our concern, why do we do nothing about the Congo, Darfur, the Sudan or Ivory Coast? Not a peep from anybody. Even the horrors suffered by women and children in the Congo. Women who suffer from fistulas after horrific rapes, genital and internal mutilation. So, why don’t we care? Well, first, there’s not much oil there. Not much oil, not much interest.

And we identify better with people who look like us. “Us” being the Western, Caucasian us. Us, U.S. Same thing. In fact, you even see such a bias in “history.” You’ve seen the depictions of the Swedish Jesus in various paintings and the like. A 2002 Popular Mechanics article enlisted forensic anthropologists and historians to come up with a depiction of what Jesus would have looked like, i.e. a Semite during that period. Lo and behold, behold. I give you Jesus.

LIONEL PODCAST: Don’t Tell Me Flawda Ain’t The South!

I had to endure recently the psychotic ramblings of a colleague who suggested that my native state Flawda is not the South. Had I not respected him, I would have stabbed him in the heart with a pencil.

I mean it’s impossible to gauge or categorize the degree of insanity of that statement. But I give it a try herein. Flawda can be in parts the redneckest place you’ve ever visited. Two Egg, Cadillac, Wacahoota, Sopchoppy, Switzerland, Micanopy, Thonotosassa, Christmas. Ask anybody in the know what and where Chattahoochee is. They’ll know.

Let me tell you, boy, as a second generation son of Flawda, I’m proud of its culture and history and its rightful place in Southern status. And when it comes to corn pone and bucolic, the good ol’ boy, the rusticator and goat roaper, the shite kicker and Billy Bob — all will enjoy a commonality there seen no where else. I proudly accept the appellation of cracker. Note as well the broader message contained herein: If only we bothered to understand what our neighbor is and thinks. Then we’d affirm in our own minds our superiority and correctness.

LIONEL PODCAST: Miscellany, Variations, Arcana & Myriad Stuff. The Musings.

My thoughts on a subject of fascination to me: the various aspects of identity. Sexual, gender, geographical, fashion, name it. When we’re able to understand why we are who we are, then we can enjoy a perspective of others’ opinions. Or maybe not. Also, isn’t funny how most “conspiracy theories” are in fact true?

LIONEL PODCAST: Why SCOTUS Was Absolutely Correct In The Westboro Case. And Why Fred Phelps Is Still A Jerk.

The Supremes ruled correctly (at least eight of them) in Snyder v. Phelps in affirming a lower court’s dismissal of a $5 million judgment against Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. Albert Snyder brought a cause of action for intentional infliction of emotional distress for damages sustained by virtue of his demonstration at his son’s funeral. [See infra.]

“Simply put, the church members had the right to be where they were,” the decision notes. “Westboro alerted local authorities to its funeral protest and fully complied with police guidance on where the picketing could be staged. The picketing was conducted under police supervision some 1,000 feet from the church, out of the sight of those at the church. The protest was not unruly; there was no shouting, profanity, or violence.

“The record confirms that any distress occasioned by Westboro’s picketing turned on the content and viewpoint of the message conveyed, rather than any interference with the funeral itself,” Chief Justice Roberts continued. “A group of parishioners standing at the very spot where Westboro stood, holding signs that said ‘God bless America’ and ‘God loves you,’ would not have been subjected to liability. It was what Westboro said that exposed it to tort damages.

“Given that Westboro’s speech was at a public place on a matter of public concern, that speech is entitled to ‘special protection’ under the First Amendment,” the decision states. “Such speech cannot be restricted simply because it is upsetting or arouses contempt.” [See also Courthouse News Service and NYT.]

Let me explain. My hoarse voice notwithstanding.