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LIONEL PODCAST: Hate Crimes Are Exceedingly Stupid! (Inter Alia)

Would you rather be savagely rendered unconscious by (a) a regular garden variety beatdown or (b) a regular garden variety beatdown motivated by a hatred for your race, faith, sexual identity or ____ (fill in your demographic)? What difference does it make? Think about it.

Rather than saying this woman was viciously attacked, media reports repeat almost gleefully that she was transgendered. I’m not kidding. The news coverage was all over the fact that she was transgendered and it actually overshadowed the gravamen of the incident, viz. that she was attacked brutally!

Congratulations. We’ve officially lost our minds.

LIONEL PODCAST: Why Trump Is Right. Sorta.

He’s right to ask whether a POTUS is eligible to serve. That’s his right. It’s all about this passage of the Constitution.

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

But what Donny Boy’s failed to do is to at least make a prima facie case of anything. Methinks that one has at the bare minimum the duty to at least allege and/or aver some allegation or series of such that goes beyond suggesting that something’s “fishy.” And the administration’s most aggressive defense of claims suggesting Obama’s illegitimacy is to be expected. Herein I explain with mind-boggling surgical precision and critical thinking. Or something.

LIONEL PODCAST: Parsing Abnormal Human Behaviour (Dancing, Reality Shows, The Moribund Mob)

Marcus Tullius Cicero noted, “No sane man will dance.” Let me generalize that to “No sane person.”

Dancing is discussed. As is the new designation of “hot.” The end of the mob and the hyper-lionization of all things related thereto are addressed as well. This is the purest indicium of my scattered disgust for a panoply of things. Progress is never achieved by a society that focuses too much on what’s satisfactory or acceptable. It’s only realized through the deliberate and assiduous detection for all that’s bogus, contaminated and inferior.


LIONEL PODCAST: The Braindead & Comatose Commercial Mainstream Media Do Not Want You To Hear This!

This free gallimaufry (a hodgepodge, if you will) is my assessment of the delivery system alternative that scares conventional media beyond anything you could possibly imagine. They’re stuck in a mindset that’s resistant to change, adaptation or reconfiguration. No retooling, no retrofitting. Nothing. Conventional TV news programmes just lost two hotheads, but very talented hotheads at that, viz. Beck and Olbermann. And instead of jumping immediately into an alternative media setting that would embrace and in fact invite their combative and piquant styles, no, these two guys will recede into the shadows for awhile and waste critical time that could better be used aggressively transitioning into a medium that would appreciate and showcase their unique styles. You can’t lose the focus of the public eye for a moment.

So, spread the word. Pay attention. Better yet, you do this. Get off your steatopygic arse and blog, podcast, videocast anything. The revolution’s going on right now and all you can do is bleat LOL. Wake up, Sparky, the end is nigh.

LIONEL PODCAST: Why Glenn Beck Was Really Canned. And Why Nodody’ll Level With You.

I know exactly why Glenn Beck was canned or jettisoned or chose to leave. Call it what you want. Though “choosing to leave” Fox is as insane as insane gets. But, when in Rome, I suppose.

The latter day Icarus, Beck believed his own press. Thought himself invincible and impervious. Impenetrable. Not bound by the same rules that mere mortals must follow. He strayed too far and, I respectfully submit, came under the spell of ideologies and doxies that play well on alternative media but are absolutely verboten on mainstream media sources. He simply thought he could be Alex Jones. And why not? He essentially stole Jones’s act, line for line. And buoyed by his own success, swayed by his own maverick persona and deluded by the belief that his ideas and theories would find a home on Fox, Beck thought folks were ready for apocalyptic apoplexy. Even the brightest have their moments of lunacy. I detail the behind the scenes truth.

As the immortal SCTV character Vic Hedges’s mayoral campaign slogan read: Sure he’s crazy, but what if he’s right. And Glenn sure heard the critics question his sanity. But the joke’s on them. They said the same thing about Charles Manson.

But what an entertainer he was. He was the perfect admixture of Elmer Gantry, Professor Irwin Corey and Henny Penny. Please enjoy this paean to the great Beckster. An absolute genius. Who flew just a little too close to the sun.

LIONEL PODCAST: Will Someone Ask Whether “Excessive” Radiation Exposure Will Always Harm You? Because It Doesn’t!

These warts are caused by HPV and, frankly, have nothing to do with radiation. But they sure are an attention grabber, aren’t they?

The very thesis of this piece is that despite the anecdotal data that most folks think they possess as to radiation deaths and poisoning as seen at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the one question that reporters and media folks repeatedly fail to ask is whether radiation exposure kills people. Or at least makes them very sick. Let me explain.

The data are most interesting.

There has been an observed spike in childhood and teen papillary thyroid cancers in the geographic area under the Chernobyl plume that has been attributed to ingestion of I131. There has been no statistical upswing in deaths that could be attributed to Chernobyl, as thyroid cancers are treatable, but the true test is what happens in the long run – will these exposed patients have more recurrent disease? One study I saw suggested that those exposed to I131 had a greater incidence of papillary thyroid cancer, but their disease was no more aggressive or recurrent than the disease in control populations. But it may be too early to make a final judgment.

The bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed 90,000-120,000 people, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki killed 60,000-80,000 people (by becky). These deaths were from the explosions and exposure to high levels of gamma rays and neutrons emanating from the blasts, and all of the individuals in this category were dead by the end of 1945. What is surprising is that of those who survived the blasts and the blast radiation, the number of increased cancers and other radiation-linked illnesses is not large at all. For example, out of 100,000 subjects in the survivor population, 17,448 developed some form of solid tumor, but only 853 (11%) could be attributed to bomb radiation exposure.

Any questions?

LIONEL PODCAST: Hate Crimes Are Stupid

That about sums it up. Hate crimes and bias crimes and crimes that penalize you for for your thoughts are patently unconstitutional and un-American. The only mechanism that allows such insanity is the collective nescience of a constitutionally illiterate people who confuse behavior that’s wrong with thoughts that should be punished. Thoughts are protected. Thoughts are sacrosanct.

Crimes should be punished that’s why they’re cognizable at law. What motivates a defendant or perp, what his thoughts were are irrelevant. Stop giving lawyers another loophole. Prosecute crime and damage and not the animus that inspires such. That, believe it or not, is free speech. And don’t think for a moment that the thought police are here. And they can’t wait to be mobilized.