LIONEL PODCAST: Why Glenn Beck Was Really Canned. And Why Nodody’ll Level With You.

I know exactly why Glenn Beck was canned or jettisoned or chose to leave. Call it what you want. Though “choosing to leave” Fox is as insane as insane gets. But, when in Rome, I suppose.

The latter day Icarus, Beck believed his own press. Thought himself invincible and impervious. Impenetrable. Not bound by the same rules that mere mortals must follow. He strayed too far and, I respectfully submit, came under the spell of ideologies and doxies that play well on alternative media but are absolutely verboten on mainstream media sources. He simply thought he could be Alex Jones. And why not? He essentially stole Jones’s act, line for line. And buoyed by his own success, swayed by his own maverick persona and deluded by the belief that his ideas and theories would find a home on Fox, Beck thought folks were ready for apocalyptic apoplexy. Even the brightest have their moments of lunacy. I detail the behind the scenes truth.

As the immortal SCTV character Vic Hedges’s mayoral campaign slogan read: Sure he’s crazy, but what if he’s right. And Glenn sure heard the critics question his sanity. But the joke’s on them. They said the same thing about Charles Manson.

But what an entertainer he was. He was the perfect admixture of Elmer Gantry, Professor Irwin Corey and Henny Penny. Please enjoy this paean to the great Beckster. An absolute genius. Who flew just a little too close to the sun.

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