LIONEL PODCAST: The Braindead & Comatose Commercial Mainstream Media Do Not Want You To Hear This!

This free gallimaufry (a hodgepodge, if you will) is my assessment of the delivery system alternative that scares conventional media beyond anything you could possibly imagine. They’re stuck in a mindset that’s resistant to change, adaptation or reconfiguration. No retooling, no retrofitting. Nothing. Conventional TV news programmes just lost two hotheads, but very talented hotheads at that, viz. Beck and Olbermann. And instead of jumping immediately into an alternative media setting that would embrace and in fact invite their combative and piquant styles, no, these two guys will recede into the shadows for awhile and waste critical time that could better be used aggressively transitioning into a medium that would appreciate and showcase their unique styles. You can’t lose the focus of the public eye for a moment.

So, spread the word. Pay attention. Better yet, you do this. Get off your steatopygic arse and blog, podcast, videocast anything. The revolution’s going on right now and all you can do is bleat LOL. Wake up, Sparky, the end is nigh.

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