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LIONEL FREE PODCAST: What I Say Only Sounds Scandalous Because It’s True.

So, what’s this FREE business? That’s right, Sparky. I charge a de minimis monthly fee. Here, read all about it, Mr. Rockefeller. Hours upon hours of my spoken word (N.B. not “talk” but “spoken word”) on myriad subjects that you simply hear nowhere. And every now and then, mostly then, I toss out a bit, an ort, a morsel gratis to the critical thinking bereft just to show them what they’ve been missing. Xmas is just around the corner and it makes a great stocking stuffer. Fine for dad or grad. In this version discussed inter alia are the following.

  • Back to the future. Podcasting, appointment talk and the new delivery system. Commercial-free, edit-free and schmaltz-free.
  • Political atheism and realpolitik. What passes for political discussion today is moronic and Boeotian blather at best.
  • Fetishizing war, the chickenhawk and my friend, the bloated Ol’ Blood ‘n Guts. The mindless and hollow incantation of “support the troops” when they’re all but forgotten by an ADD society.
  • Media “presstitutes,” bedbugs and gluten. The latest bandwagons that the vapid media sock puppets and barking seals glom onto.
  • Reasonable doubt and a hole in the ground. The rudiments of our system of just-us.
  • Birthers, truthers, deathers and the conspiracy monkeys. Don’t make me think or question or ask! Placate and mollify.

LIONEL PODCAST: I Hate Memorial Day

Stop fetishizing war. Stop bathing combat death with a disinfectant. It’s not all glorious and valiant and it certainly doesn’t mean that our freedoms are being protected. It’s Fleet Week in New York City.  Since 1984, the City has honored the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. And that’s fine. But what it transforms into is a Frank Capra production where we laud and applaud kids in uniform only to forget all about them when they come back either dead or mangled. Oh, we talk a great game about Memorial Day and supporting the troops, but if we really wanted to honor them we’d stop allowing them to be the private enforcement arm of globalist banksters and crime cartels, viz. IMF, WTO and the UN.

My thoughts on Memorial Day etched in video.

LIONEL PODCAST: Hey, Katherine Schwarzenegger! Shut Up!

Twitter illuminates the vapid, the vacuous, the empty. It’s a klieg light for the barren soul. All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up. There was a time when thoughts were hidden in the locked diary. When folks actually bottled-up and buckled-down. Rational adults did anything to avoid looking self-absorbed, egocentric, narcissistic. And worse: weak. Needy. Pathetic. Out of control. Hopeless and hapless. Lugubrious, dramatic, over-the-top. Hysterical. Those were the days, my friend.

I Tweet, therefore I am.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, the self-absorbed latter day Theda Bara, the Letitia Baldridge of the pity party set, the drama queen daughter of disgraced Daddy-O Arnold (pick your favorite “-inator” suffix), has been Tweeting and Facebooking about every subject under the sun — specifically, as to how it affects her. I mean, what did you expect? The world revolves around her. The universe is Katherine-centric. And she made sure that each thought, observation and feeling was detailed and chronicled for her adoring fans. Every excruciatingly mind-numbing piece of Katherine arcana was memorialized. Until one day, she decided that she and her family needed privacy. So, did she just stop Tweeting? After all, when you stop Tweeting, you get the privacy you crave immediately. Of course not. She Tweeted how people were reading her Tweets and she Tweeted further that she needed privacy. I know it makes no sense. But see for yourself and enjoy.

LIONEL PODCAST: Women Are Crazy; Men Are Stupid.

In 22-year my experience talking professionally, I can’t remember a story that had more legs, i.e. more permutations, aspects, parsings, than the Schwarzenegger Baby Daddy story. OK, OJ maybe, but that was different. And a more interesting dynamic is the differences in reactions between men and women. Gee, what a shock. Remember, as human pathology goes: women are crazy, men are stupid.

New issues arise over whether Arnold and Maria executed a prenup and whether Arnold will be gutted and field dressed like a Palin moose. Look at Arnold’s financial statement filed with California officials. It gives but a glimpse of what Arnold may lose.

Arnold possesses all the criteria of a psychopath. Herein, I explain and explicate the degree of sickness that Arnold evinces. And sick he is.

I devoted three consecutive commentaries anent Arnold this week on PIX 11 News. Here ’tis.

LIONEL PODCAST: Arnold, Repeat After Me. RUBBERS!

Arnold, what a schmuck you are. But I feel sorry for this kid. I even feel sorry for Mildred Baena. They’ve done nothing wrong. Remember when life was a celebration? A miracle? But not in this case. No, siree. How do you think this kid’s going to feel and feels(!), no known publicly and internationally as a mistake? A human oops. A walking erratum. That’s all. Simply put, I just feel sorry for the kid(s). And how many kids there are, we’re not so sure. What a schmuck.

LIONEL PODCAST: Was The Skeevy French Perv “Stitched Up”?

The DSK case. That dog don’t hunt. A phrase I heard at least a million times in my native Flawda. Something’s fishy. Something stinks. Something’s putrescent in Denmark. The case is replete with facts and allegations that just don’t add up. At least, I don’t think they add up. I mean, I think I know the facts. Er, I hope I know the facts. After all, what facts do we know save those that are handed to the press and MSM by the cops and DA? Wait, come to think of it, I don’t believe or know or think anything! And I’m cool with that, as the kids say.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Truth Behind DSK — The Pathetic Facts Ignored By MSM

You do know why the DSK rape investigation has inspired at least nominal mention of the IMF, don’t you? It’s because there’s sex involved. That’s it. Sex, a rape charge, a rich French dude in a $3K a night suite. And, oh yeah, something called the IMF. And no, I’m not talking about the 60’s TV show about a super-secret covert intelligence program. Were you insane enough to think this might lead to a discussion of Bretton Woods or SDRs or IMF acknowledged policy on the MSM’s part? And, look, I know this kind of talk is the kiss of death when it comes to pubic attention spans which hover at that of a gnat. But, allow me to do some ‘splaining, Lucy. And listen. Trust me, no one in the media of any form or type will get near this. Because they don’t understand it.

LIONEL PODCAST: It’s Free! (Look What You’re Missing.)

The White House Situation Room story line that changes almost daily is by far one of the funniest and most tragic examples of needless obfuscation and confusion. I hope it’s obfuscation. Better yet, I hope they’re lying. Because if they’re not, they suffer from such a collective mental and intellectual debilitation, it would disqualify them immediately from the basest of public service. Anyhoo, here’s a smidge of what I do.

LIONEL PODCAST: Orwell Would Sh*t!

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.  — G. K. Chesterton

You’ll hear from time to time people referring to Orwell and “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (often written merely as 1984), most of whom, I assure you, never read it. They know the term as trivia and pop culture droplets. My friend, what we’re about to enter makes Oceania look like a retirement village. Let me explain. But first, some levity.

LIONEL PODCAST: The UBL Incredulity Plot Thickens

I’m amazed by and at the growing number of folks who have very serious questions about the official account of the UBL expurgation. As you can imagine, they’re then met with accusations of advancing conspiracy theories when in fact the only theories advanced are disbelief. I really don’t care. I just have serious questions. And remember: not believing the story doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t believe the proponent of the story.