LIONEL PODCAST: The Worst War Room Photo-Op Ever! Obama Needs An Image Doctor.

Look at this group. It’s the War Room when all eyes were on UBL getting whacked. Right. No confusing Dr. Strangelove here, I’m afraid. This is perhaps the worst image photo ever issued by a White House when we all know it’s all about image. To think they actually picked this group shot as the best of the lot. And now, my observations.

  • It looks like an intervention.
  • Hillary looks like she’s about to puke. But she’s no shrinking violet. She’s got more testosterone in her sensible shoes then this whole crew combined.
  • And since when is the secretary of State in the War Room?
  • What’s the pixelated document in front of Hill?
  • Who’s the chick in the back?
  • What the hell’s Jo-Jo Biden doing in the front?
  • Mike Mullen looks like he’s proctoring a prostate exam.
  • What’s with POTUS’s Members Only jacket? Would Reagan ever be caught dead in those threads? He dressed better when he was hacking timber.
  • Obama looks like he’s at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving.
  • He looks like he’s watching his first autopsy. Come on, man. Look like you’ve done this before and change seats with Major Nelson there. Obama’s the guy with the nuclear codes. Come on, channel some of Dubya’s smirk.

  1. joanne yaniero

    They ate watching media coverage re-runs of balloon boy.
    The girl in the back looks familiar is she from Brooklyn?
    All kidding aside they just have to show us what they are looking at.

  2. joanne yaniero

    I have empathy for the President but just can’t help but wonder what they are looking at.

  3. [EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS MESSAGE WAS UNTOUCHED AND UNEDITED] I think it was nice of the White House to release any pictures of an long time investigation whereas, when Bush was the President he did not show the world anything of means to Osama bin Laden. So stop talking neagtive about how a picture looks when you are seeing some truth to what is going on today. I do not believe any President of the United States have ever showed inside footage of the White House and what the President is planning as the Osama bin Laden case. ❓ Let news be news because most of what is said about life on any news channel is negative. Put a little not effort toward positive factors in life.

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