LIONEL PODCAST: Operation Bockmist & Keeping Lies Straight

PODCAST NOTE: I noticed a few audio glitches at the very beginning of this edition. But sit tight, the gremlins subside shortly thereafter.

Bockmist. Scheiße. Zeus bless the Germans for coming up with the best words. Bockmist denotes literally “billy goat poo” and is far more palatable than the bovine egesta imagery of BS. I love the word. Bockmist. Bockmist Turner Overdrive. Move over Geronimo. Hello, Operation Bockmist: The Hunt for UBL. Available in 32 variations and colors. Wait five minutes, it’ll change.

It best describes our foreign policy, the war on terror, anthropogenic global warming and climate change causation models, even Carrot Top. In fact it describes virtually everything that this government does. And all governments, to be fair. Obama acolytes and lickspittles take great umbrage at the notion that their leader might be less than honest. Or forthcoming. Or, at least, straightforward and consistent. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

Herein, my latest spoken screed: a systematic detailing of all that which causes my head to explode. And it’s only Thursday. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Folks who are suspicious, suspect, incredulous and dubious over the latest version of the ninja-capping of UBL are branded conspiracy theorists, the one-size-fits-all summary dismissal of anyone who demands proof. Alas.

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