LIONEL PODCAST: Women Are Crazy; Men Are Stupid.

In 22-year my experience talking professionally, I can’t remember a story that had more legs, i.e. more permutations, aspects, parsings, than the Schwarzenegger Baby Daddy story. OK, OJ maybe, but that was different. And a more interesting dynamic is the differences in reactions between men and women. Gee, what a shock. Remember, as human pathology goes: women are crazy, men are stupid.

New issues arise over whether Arnold and Maria executed a prenup and whether Arnold will be gutted and field dressed like a Palin moose. Look at Arnold’s financial statement filed with California officials. It gives but a glimpse of what Arnold may lose.

Arnold possesses all the criteria of a psychopath. Herein, I explain and explicate the degree of sickness that Arnold evinces. And sick he is.

I devoted three consecutive commentaries anent Arnold this week on PIX 11 News. Here ’tis.

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