LIONEL FREE PODCAST: What I Say Only Sounds Scandalous Because It’s True.

So, what’s this FREE business? That’s right, Sparky. I charge a de minimis monthly fee. Here, read all about it, Mr. Rockefeller. Hours upon hours of my spoken word (N.B. not “talk” but “spoken word”) on myriad subjects that you simply hear nowhere. And every now and then, mostly then, I toss out a bit, an ort, a morsel gratis to the critical thinking bereft just to show them what they’ve been missing. Xmas is just around the corner and it makes a great stocking stuffer. Fine for dad or grad. In this version discussed inter alia are the following.

  • Back to the future. Podcasting, appointment talk and the new delivery system. Commercial-free, edit-free and schmaltz-free.
  • Political atheism and realpolitik. What passes for political discussion today is moronic and Boeotian blather at best.
  • Fetishizing war, the chickenhawk and my friend, the bloated Ol’ Blood ‘n Guts. The mindless and hollow incantation of “support the troops” when they’re all but forgotten by an ADD society.
  • Media “presstitutes,” bedbugs and gluten. The latest bandwagons that the vapid media sock puppets and barking seals glom onto.
  • Reasonable doubt and a hole in the ground. The rudiments of our system of just-us.
  • Birthers, truthers, deathers and the conspiracy monkeys. Don’t make me think or question or ask! Placate and mollify.
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