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LIONEL PODCAST: The Faux War On Terror For Dummies

What do these two characters have in common? More than you think. Here’s a primer of sorts that attempts to break down and deconstruct that which you think you know. And hope the government does.

LIONEL PODCAST: Operation Bockmist & Keeping Lies Straight

PODCAST NOTE: I noticed a few audio glitches at the very beginning of this edition. But sit tight, the gremlins subside shortly thereafter.

Bockmist. Scheiße. Zeus bless the Germans for coming up with the best words. Bockmist denotes literally “billy goat poo” and is far more palatable than the bovine egesta imagery of BS. I love the word. Bockmist. Bockmist Turner Overdrive. Move over Geronimo. Hello, Operation Bockmist: The Hunt for UBL. Available in 32 variations and colors. Wait five minutes, it’ll change.

It best describes our foreign policy, the war on terror, anthropogenic global warming and climate change causation models, even Carrot Top. In fact it describes virtually everything that this government does. And all governments, to be fair. Obama acolytes and lickspittles take great umbrage at the notion that their leader might be less than honest. Or forthcoming. Or, at least, straightforward and consistent. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

Herein, my latest spoken screed: a systematic detailing of all that which causes my head to explode. And it’s only Thursday. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Folks who are suspicious, suspect, incredulous and dubious over the latest version of the ninja-capping of UBL are branded conspiracy theorists, the one-size-fits-all summary dismissal of anyone who demands proof. Alas.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Worst War Room Photo-Op Ever! Obama Needs An Image Doctor.

Look at this group. It’s the War Room when all eyes were on UBL getting whacked. Right. No confusing Dr. Strangelove here, I’m afraid. This is perhaps the worst image photo ever issued by a White House when we all know it’s all about image. To think they actually picked this group shot as the best of the lot. And now, my observations.

  • It looks like an intervention.
  • Hillary looks like she’s about to puke. But she’s no shrinking violet. She’s got more testosterone in her sensible shoes then this whole crew combined.
  • And since when is the secretary of State in the War Room?
  • What’s the pixelated document in front of Hill?
  • Who’s the chick in the back?
  • What the hell’s Jo-Jo Biden doing in the front?
  • Mike Mullen looks like he’s proctoring a prostate exam.
  • What’s with POTUS’s Members Only jacket? Would Reagan ever be caught dead in those threads? He dressed better when he was hacking timber.
  • Obama looks like he’s at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving.
  • He looks like he’s watching his first autopsy. Come on, man. Look like you’ve done this before and change seats with Major Nelson there. Obama’s the guy with the nuclear codes. Come on, channel some of Dubya’s smirk.

LIONEL PODCAST: What The MSM Won’t And Can’t Tell You About UBL

It’s a simple question: Where’s the morgue photos of UBL? Where’s the incontrovertible proof that America’s Public Enemy No. 1 is indeed no mo’. That we whacked him. That he’s met his 72 year-old virgin. His acolytes are crazed and have lionized him. His apotheosis has created the illusion and perception that he’s bulletproof, invincible and superhuman. And we learned that he was buried at sea. Washed, blessed and dumped overboard. I’ll avoid the obvious “fishy” pun, but it looks bad.

It will fuel conspiracy theories and disbelief. Why or why did my government handle it this way? It’s insane. Herein I explain that which the MSM wouldn’t touch with the proverbial 10-foot news pole.

“It may be necessary to release the pictures – as gruesome as they undoubtedly will be, because he’s been shot in the head – to quell any doubts that this somehow is a ruse that the American government has carried out,” replied Sen. Joe Lieberman. Sen. Susan Collins, one of the slowest speaking humans on the planet who makes Joe Lieberman look like Rip Taylor, agreed that many hardline Islamists “will try to generate this myth that he’s alive, and that we missed him somehow, and in order to put that to rest it may be necessary to release some of the pictures.” [Source] My point exactly!

In case you missed it, here’s also something you won’t hear too much (if at all) on MSM.

LIONEL PODCAST: Men, You Blew It Yet Again!

Men could have thoroughly exploited the moment of the Royal Wedding to appreciate what women are all about. They could have at least feigned interest in understanding what it was that made women tick, but no. Why was this wedding such a draw? What were and are the themes involved? The Cinderella themes, the dashing prince. Happily ever after. These thematic constants provide a veritable treasure trove of data mining that explicate the most amazingly complex animal on the face of mother Earth: the woman.

But per usual, they not so much dismissed the spectacle but showed absolutely no concern or interest one way or the other. Amazing.

And as far as tacky merchandising, has it come to this? Yes.