LIONEL PODCAST: Weinergate – The Schmeckle Heard Around The World!

Move over Jonah Falcon, here comes Anthony Weiner, allegedly and putatively seen infra (I guess) in a crotch shot sent by him (I guess) to someone he claims he doesn’t know (I guess). The putz Weiner — I know, I know — imploded and took a story that was easy to defuse by, oh, I don’t know, DENYING IT! I’ve a lot of theories and suspicions and hypotheses as to Ol’ Weiner. And I think you know what I’m getting at. His behavior, if indeed it was his behavior, is hyper-masculinized, overt and, if I didn’t know better, was almost crafted to give the appearance of something that is quite different from reality. Does this make any sense? Do you catch my drift?

And while paronomasia sets in around and about the 24/7 news sock puppets trying to connect every penile pun and play on words with and anent Sir Anthony, may I assist? I prefer the direct approach. Here’s a word for you. You’re welcome.

adj. – well hung

Please enjoy this installment of my PIX 11 video disquisition on the subject.

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