LIONEL PODCAST: New Media Seminar & Introducing Alex Jones (Media Pioneer)

Great men don’t stop at red lights. I love that line. And it conveys the image and reinforces the notion that to achieve greatness rule-following shouldn’t be tops on one’s priority list. This past Saturday, I had the inimitable honor of welcoming the Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar participants here in New York, an annual confab and high summit of the country’s leading talk radio performers and players. The keynote speaker was Alex Jones of Infowars, whose verve and vivacity rocked the morning conclave, and that’s putting it mildly. The stentorian Jones was at his best and scared the bejesus out of some participants by merely reciting what was happening yet not covered in MSM news, news most folks dependent on the corporate presstitutes had nary a clue of and about. Alex Jones has restructured media delivery systems and utilizes every conceivable medium available today: podcasting, YouTube channels, terrestrial and satellite radio, documentaries, books, name it. If nanotechnology allows a broadcast delivery vehicle Jones will be front and center in it. It was an pleasure and honor meeting this broadcasting titan and pioneer. Herein, my thoughts on the future, the medium and the nonpareil Mr. Jones. (His video presentation is linked here.)

Talkers publisher Michael Harrison noted, “Alex Jones gave the industry a sample of his passion for what he sees as the truth and a brief glimpse of his powerful and fiery delivery. It was a riveting presentation with a message that could be taken on a number of levels. I think in his case as a NMS (New Media Seminar) presenter, the medium itself was the message – and that is, it isn’t just the position of the host that gathers loyalty and attention, but the delivery, credibility and charisma that the personality brings to the microphone. It could work in just about any genre beyond politics. It was about the power of truth as an attraction unto itself – whatever that truth might be.”

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