LIONEL PODCAST: Why I Hate The Worthless MSM

  • Do you know what this supra is? It’s the backdoor to Big Bro intrusion the likes of which you probably can’t imagine.
  • The strangest people work and shop at Whole Foods. Except me, mind you.
  • Torture may be appropriate in rape cases.
  • The sententious Jon Stewart and the Mike Lupica Effect.
  • There is a spate of stories of teachers having sex with their underage students. Forget Weiner, do these folks not read or watch TV? How did they miss that it’s open season on trolling for students to shtup.
  • I know that the term “retarded” is and should be eschewed. But, if I may, it should remain intact and valid in describing the hyper-salivating drool ghoul Chris Matthews, the most profoundly stupid man to ever grace a TV screen and waste electrons with his mind-paralyzing bunkum. And I’m being kind.
  • Why is Casey Anthony not guilty? Not “innocent,” mind you, but not guilty.
  • War Powers and Obama’s incredible obfuscation and deliberate manipulation of a feckless, defanged, atesticular, zombified sockpuppet mainstream media.
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