LIONEL FREE PODCAST: The Last Word On Casey Anthony (My Closing Argument)

My thoughts exactly, counsellor. This half a peace sign was presented by one of Casey Anthony’s lawyers, the inimitable and homespun un-Matlock Cheney Mason. Must be something about the name Cheney, I suppose. (At least he didn’t shoot an elderly man point blank in the face with birdshot. But the day’s young.) Cheney’s gesture is the subject of many a news story and I think we know why. But the discourtesy notwithstanding I can understand his contempt at and for the treatment of his client and his cause by the likes of that flaring-nostrilled termagant, the prosecution pimp, that haridan and harpy Nancy Grace(less) and her band of pitchfork-wielding vigilante banshees on HLN.

Herein is my postmortem of the case. My closing arguments. My final thoughts. Final . . . at least until the story teat is squeezed dry altogether.

  • How to destroy the arguments of Nancy Grace vigilante types who clamor for Casey’s execution and dispatch.
  • My fantasy civil trial with Casey Anthony forced to take the stand.
  • The absolute insanity of the Boeotians clamoring and chanting for an appeal. Of an acquittal?!
  • How no one shows the same amount of feigned disdain when innocent people are sentenced to death.
  • That despite her myopic and corn pone, hayseed Mayberry prattle, Nancy Grace(less) is box office and the soporific, mind-numbing commentaries of Jeffrey Toobin et al. can’t even carry her elastic-waist pantsuits.
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