LIONEL PODCAST: The Savage Murder And Dismemberment of Leiby Kletzky, An Innocent Child

On Wednesday a subhuman piece of walking slime made a full written confession to the cops detailing how he smothered a Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish boy, Leiby Kletzky, 8, with a towel and then dismembered him. It gets worse, if that’s even possible. Police found some of the boy’s dismembered remains including the child’s feet in Ziploc bags in the killer’s refrigerator; other body parts were deposited in dumpsters. And to think, we share DNA with this animal. Why? Please, someone tell me why.

I normally shy away from discussions about horrible stories like this because I have such a fear that I might be mistaken for the schmaltzy no shite commentaries from the paragons of the obvious who, miraculously, are against the murder and dismemberment of innocent children. And yet, despite the horrors of this event, there remain many fascinating questions that I explore herein. Never approximating schmaltzy, I assure you.

  1. This has been happening for centuries. There is not a new breed of sadistic psychopath deviants among us, but it is true that we have never seen so much of this before. The reason being is that we have more channels of communication now, and are made more aware of many different types of horrors and cruelties humans impose upon each other. The cynic in me believes, that the more aware we become of the cruelties we humans do to each other, the more the old adage ‘But for the grace of god go I’ is proven true, which I interpret as ‘better you than me’. As long as my rights, freedom, property, and well being is in tact who cares what happens to you. Forgetting that if my rights, freedom, property, and well being is compromised, so is yours. My question, though probably stupid, is how do people not notice an 8 yr old boy walking alone, and not take the initiative to surround this kid, or any kid, with a pack of responsible adults? The reason is because ‘it’s not my problem’. How do people not notice something wrong in any situation? People are too selfish and self-centered. How do people notice something wrong, and not take the initiative to get involved? The reason being is because it is not my problem. Peoples rights, freedom, property, and well being are compromised every second of every day, but most people think, I believe, as long it is not happening to me ‘its not my problem’.

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