LIONEL PODCAST: Casey Won’t Make A Dime, Jose’s Payday & The Love Affair

This picture says it all. Look carefully. What do you see?

  • Barney Fife, Goober and Warren get to wear their combat duds. How exciting! Badges, armed to the teeth. SRT. SRT! Automatic weapons. Right index fingers carefully straddling the trigger housing. The look of badass. Robocop. Buford Pusser, move over. The heat’s in town. The man. A force to be reckoned with. Little boys and their guns. Why? To protect Casey? Hardly. As the photos later reveal they walk them out the door, make an about face and Jose and Casey are on their own. The SRT of the OCCD and their SOP say SOL to J and C.
  • No Kevlar or flak jackets or body armor for Jose and Casey. Now, does that make any sense? No clandestine release, no diversion or decoys. What?! And miss the photo op? No way, Jose. Literally.
  • Watch for a liaison to develop instanter between Jose and his client. Think a version of the Stockholm Syndrome, but instead of identifying with your captor, you identify with the man who slew your captor. Trust me.
  • Jose will make the money, not Casey. No one will pay her a dime to grace their airwaves with a blanket denial of guilt or complicity in the murder of her daughter. Not to mention, if Casey dared say that she never claimed that her old man or brother molested her, the question becomes: Did Jose make that up? Did he lie? And as an officer of the court who went through years of considerable hoops to get his ticket, this could spell doom yet again to his rising career. Can you say Johnnie Cochran? So, she’ll only get paid if she admits she killed her kid and that simply won’t happen.
  • Don’t forget the slew of civil suits that are being teed up in the hopes that Casey gets a few bucks. That’s interesting because then Casey will be forced to testify: no Fifth, no high five.Testify under oath under pain of perjury.

To be continued.

  1. All updated.

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