LIONEL PODCAST: After Murdoch’s Public Castration Will The Media Pitchfork Vigilantes Now Go After MSDNC For Tossing Cenk What’s-His-Name?

Hell, no. It’s just a snappy title.

Cenk Uygur (English: /ˈdʒɛŋk ‘juːɡɚ/), the moiety of The young Turks (How many are there?), was jettisoned unceremoniously from the Obama/DNC Propaganda Kool-Aid Campaign Network for a number of unsettling reasons, he explained. As the modest Cenk detailed, the matter boils down to this: Cenk Uygur is a tiger, and MSNBC tried to cage him. And this bird you cannot chain. All right, I threw in the Lynyrd Skynyrd reference. Sue me. For anyone in the New York area, this is utterly astounding, i.e. Al Sharpton is his replacement. The Reverend Al’s complete and total redemption from his less-than-illustrious past is simply mind-boggling and without peer.

“They offered, honestly, a lot of money,” Uygur explains in a post heave-ho statement, and offered him a role would have been a much smaller one – contributor or something equally vague. There’s a word for what I think this is, viz. the likelihood of big bucks being offered to have a now thoroughly disgruntled and pissed off Cenk hang around “contributing.” No offense, Cenk, but come on, dude. Don’t push it. But at least you weren’t suspended like the 138 other hosts just this year. I mean, you quit, right? Whatever.

Cenk then explained that an MSNBC exec once told him when he began as host: “There are two audiences– the audience you’re trying to appeal to, the viewers, and management.” Nothing earth-shattering there, I suppose.

But this is the money shot. This is where it all makes sense. Management (allegedly big kahuna Phil Griffin himself) took the Cenkster aside in April, as he explains, and told him to “tone it down” because “people in Washington are concerned about your tone.” People in Washington? Gee, I wonder who those people would be. He did the exact opposite, he proudly boasts. I like Cenk, we were colleagues at the ill-fated Air America radio network and I’ve always liked his verve and conviction.

Alternative media will do for mainstream media news coverage what Kindle and eBooks did for Borders. — LIONEL (Hell’s Kitchen 2010 CE)

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