LIONEL PODCAST: Goodnight, Officer Friendly. Hello, Shock Trooper.

Remember when this was the image of a cop? Me neither, but pretend you do. Pretend that you remember the imagery, the meme of the beat cop as friend. Officer Friendly. To serve and to protect. NYPD has even adopted the nostalgic initialism CPR (courtesy, professionalism, respect). Those were the days, huh? Look at today’s Andy Taylor.

What we’re seeing instead is the militarization of the police and a systematic habituation of our society to inter alia a larger, more fierce police presence and levels of intimidation. You will see it everywhere, in all interaction with government. And you’ll see this in all areas including ATF, ICE, TSA, NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA name your favorite federal alphabet agency. Watch especially the increased citizen and farmer interaction with the newly-armed food police. Farmers’ markets will be a thing of the past before you know it. Think of this as a hyper-federalization of efforts that, when accompanied with vague and blanket references to terrorism, will be met with approbation by a brain-dead, lobotomized populace, victims of learned helpless.

Feel better?

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