LIONEL PODCAST: The End Is Not Nigh. It’s Already Over.

It’s analogy time. The Big Bang. And it’s replication. Particles are shot through a 16-mile long accelerator called CERN at the speed of light. And when the particles collide together in a vacuum at temperatures lower than -271 Celsius, a spectacular show is the result. Above, behold the particle tracks from the first lead ion collision as seen by the ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) detector. [Telegraph] It reminds me of that swirly “art” from carinvals in the 60’s. I actually had a relative who framed one. Ah, what aesthetic genes I have.

This is a perfect analog to what’s happening in our world. Pick the area, pick the subcategory — it’s all a Big Bang state of flux. Plus, it’s Friday. And that means Ventilation Friday. A time for a Mélange.

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