LIONEL PODCAST: Teach Kids About Intimacy Not Just Sex

I love this picture. Mr. T-shirt sizes up sex once and for all. And what’s the whistle for? Notice the extraneous lines and wiggles on the schematic. Is that a gash near the glans? Yikes.

This classic example of Americana shows the ubiquitous pedagogic utility journeyman “coach” teaching the rudiments of sporting wood, pitching a trouser tent. Mr. Chubby. Blue steel, cat couldn’t scratch it. Like a baby’s arm with an apple in its fist. You could cut glass with that baby. The classic boner. A hard on for the hard on. The tumescent and turgid . . . you get the picture.

What’s discussed herein inter alia is the fact that sexual education mustn’t be taught solely. Intimacy education must be taught as well. Preventing pregnancy is great and lowering STD transmissibility is fine also. But there’s more to it than that.

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