LIONEL PODCAST: It’s Rick Perry For The GOP And Why It Doesn’t Matter. Plus “It.”

A concilliabule has met and has decided who will be the candidates. The candidates are Obama and Perry. Either one will do. It doesn’t matter. Both have pledged globalist fealty. They’re one and the same. Fungible. Identical. But the questions that must be asked are simple: the implosion of the dollar and who pledges American troops to war. Let me explain.

And in addition, let me attempt to explicate the latest fascination of mine. And I’m not sure what it’s called or how it’s best explained. But it’s the attraction factor that subjects and causes enjoy, an almost Higgs boson analogue. I’ve become fascinated by what lures people spiritually, politically and intellectually. Everything that humans enjoy en masse has that component, that “it,” that thing, that attraction factor that fascinates me. Let me explain that as well.

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