I podcast herein and have done so for over a year. What I say can only be heard here by subscribing here for a de minimis monthly fee. For the cost of a latte, I bring you me — unedited, unfiltered, unplugged and unapologetic. No mainstream media terrestrial radio program would allow this. It’s not blue or X-rated in the least; it could be broadcast as is on any radio station. What it is is alternative programming, alternative politics and an alternative worldview. Frankly, since it can’t be pigeonholed and dares to challenge the accepted conventions, it would scare most. So be it. Welcome to the future, grasshopper.

In its simplest terms, I want a revolution. Now. I want a bloodless coup, a transfiguration of this country into anything that resembles the antithesis, the antipodes of what he have now. And it seems that only one candidate can even come close to the change that’s drastically needed. Not Obama change, but improvement.

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