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LIONEL PODCAST: Riots, Economic Ruin & Cataclysmic Disaster. Have A Nice Day.

This is the scene from London. Watch carefully. What is it? Who are these people? What do they want? What’s their point? What are they rioting about? Now, you’d think our media would ask these same questions, right? Wrong, Tonoto. Not even close. And such is the theme of today’s exegesis and disquisition. Inter alia, of course.

LIONEL PODCAST: Don’t Worry About Credit Rating Downgrades. China’s Double-A Too!

Stop your worrying. It’s going be OK. Japan was downgraded. So were China and Spain. The area is so arcane, so recondite that most Americans will stare narcotized before they nod off completely. This is the greatest challenge, viz. trying to explain the nuances of globalism, asset-stripping banksters, monetary three-card monte, T-bill credit ratings and a host of soporific, coma-inducing dollar talk. This isn’t economics. It’s politics merged with something vaguely resembling economics and sleight of hand and legerdemain thrown in for good measure.

Confused? Good.

LIONEL PODCAST: The End Is Not Nigh. It’s Already Over.

It’s analogy time. The Big Bang. And it’s replication. Particles are shot through a 16-mile long accelerator called CERN at the speed of light. And when the particles collide together in a vacuum at temperatures lower than -271 Celsius, a spectacular show is the result. Above, behold the particle tracks from the first lead ion collision as seen by the ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) detector. [Telegraph] It reminds me of that swirly “art” from carinvals in the 60’s. I actually had a relative who framed one. Ah, what aesthetic genes I have.

This is a perfect analog to what’s happening in our world. Pick the area, pick the subcategory — it’s all a Big Bang state of flux. Plus, it’s Friday. And that means Ventilation Friday. A time for a Mélange.

LIONEL PODCAST: Goodnight, Officer Friendly. Hello, Shock Trooper.

Remember when this was the image of a cop? Me neither, but pretend you do. Pretend that you remember the imagery, the meme of the beat cop as friend. Officer Friendly. To serve and to protect. NYPD has even adopted the nostalgic initialism CPR (courtesy, professionalism, respect). Those were the days, huh? Look at today’s Andy Taylor.

What we’re seeing instead is the militarization of the police and a systematic habituation of our society to inter alia a larger, more fierce police presence and levels of intimidation. You will see it everywhere, in all interaction with government. And you’ll see this in all areas including ATF, ICE, TSA, NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA name your favorite federal alphabet agency. Watch especially the increased citizen and farmer interaction with the newly-armed food police. Farmers’ markets will be a thing of the past before you know it. Think of this as a hyper-federalization of efforts that, when accompanied with vague and blanket references to terrorism, will be met with approbation by a brain-dead, lobotomized populace, victims of learned helpless.

Feel better?


What the hell is a Super Congress? Good question. Oh, don’t worry. It’s yet another governmental intrusion upon the fundamentals of our once-beloved Constitution, that’s all. No big deal. It will establish yet another new level of totally unaccountable government, and it will effectively strip elected representatives of the right to amend legislation, filibuster and, moreover, it essentially defangs the House Speaker and is not merely limited to the debt ceiling. It’s amazing, not so much what Congress did, but how the media, yet again, says nary a peep.

LIONEL PODCAST: I’ll Vote For Anyone Called Crazy (Preferably Insane)

I don’t care what government folks tell me. I don’t care what politicians have to say either. I call the shots; they work for me. And when I believe that 9/11 first responders deserve medical care and attention for cancers that very well could have been caused by their tenure at and with the toxic foundry of ground zero, I demand they open up our wallets and pay up. After all, if these banksters can hand over trillions to foreign banks for bailouts, they can cough up a few billion for brave Americans. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve come to the realization that the only person I’d ever consider for public office is someone who’s considered nuts or crazy or, preferably, insane. Why? Simple. Because there is such a need and demand for something drastic, over-the-top and mind-boggling in terms of its bold restructuring, and the only person who’d ever consider doing that would be someone the MSM and entrenched establishment would call crazy. We need dynamic, daring and intrepid leadership by and from someone who cares not about convention or business as usual. A person who thrives on risk taking. A person who accepts the challenge. And only some crazy would even attempt it.

As was immortalized in the classic SCTV series as to the candidacy of Vic Hedges for mayor, “Sure he’s crazy, but what if he’s right?”