LIONEL PODCAST: Demand Answers to 9/11 Questions!

I’m not a nut, a loon or a conspiracy anything. I’m an open-minded, sentient American citizen who is well-acquainted with the lies of history and governments. Tolstoy said that history would be an excellent thing if only it were true. And I’ve been force-fed lies by my government throughout my life. Not my country, mind you, but its various governments.

In this podcast I explain the abecedarian and rudimentary event structure of 9/11. There are five: South Tower WTC (United Airlines FLT 175); North Tower WTC (American Airlines FLT 11); WTC Building 7; Shanksville, PA (United Airlines FLT 93) and The Pentagon (United Airlines FLT 175). Tangential and subsidiary issues are also subsumed therein. Each of the crash scenes are replete with amazing allegations and absolutely incredible claims in one form or another.

As I explain in this podcast, there are a few rules to remember as a serious student of 9/11.

  • This is not about a conspiracy. This is a review of the facts advanced in the “official story,” including media memes, lore and myth. This is a careful and exacting dissection of that which was presented to the American people as the official account.
  • It’s their story. Translation: It’s not up to me to supply the why. It’s not my duty or interest to answer the question who could be so dastardly as to do something like this including the alleged terrorists who hate our freedom. Or something. It’s the story as presented by the government and through the stenographic, sockpuppet sheeple media.
  • There is and has been no evidence to connect and/or accuse anyone of complicity or involvement in the worst case of domestic terrorism save the aforementioned freedom-hating terrorists. To be specific, no credible evidence shows that either Messrs. Bush or Cheney or any of their associates or government officials are involved causally in 9/11. There has been no competent evidence of an “inside job.” I’m a trial lawyer by profession; I demand evidence not supposition or hunches.
  • Merely look at the evidence and ask how this could be. Use common sense and critical thinking. You don’t have to be a physics professor to know elementary Newtonian principles nor do you need to be a metallurgist or engineer or architect to know and be conversant with gravity.

And, finally, never ever be afraid to question and demand proof. Napoleon said that history is a myth men agree to believe. Well, not this man.

And oh, yes. That third beam in the photo: What does it denote?

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