PODCAST: 9/11 Ten Years Later. Still Scared After All These Years.

This is what we’ve become ten tears later. This. I just can’t watch the coverage. It makes me psychically sick. I simply am not satisfied with anything about the official account of 9/11. None of it.

My government’s abandoned first responders after lying to them. Not to mention it lied about Iraq, Afghanistan, WMDs, Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, smoking guns and mushroom clouds. The biggest crime scene in the history was cleaned up with a celerity that has never been explained. The Zadroga Act was passed with a fight I never understood. First responders have to prove they’re not terrorists by being vetted in a database. How can this happen? But we play a great game of “remembering” on TV. Well, lose the TV remembering and start with actual compensation. Help these people and their families.

I buy nothing. Not the officials story and not the schmaltz that elected con-artist officials pour on to convince me somehow that they share my horror. Least of all the Botoxed, lacquered Ted Baxters who read scripts and prompters like the barking seal, monkey sockpuppets they are. God help us all.

Bless the murdered. Avenge everyone responsible for this. I’ll do my part.

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