LIONEL PODCAST: Ted Baxter Wants You Dead!

The MSM network and cable news monkey want you dead. Brain dead, that is. The sock puppet, barking seal “presstitute” wants you rendered neutral via disinformation and spin and pap. It’s a concerted effort, a conspiracy, if you will, between the government and its official stenographers.

The government contrives and prevaricates while its Pravda takes down everything and through a Pavlovian obeisance regurgitates the bumper sticker, playbook bunkum in the echo chamber. The MSM work with the establishment regime that’s fooled the public into thinking the left-right paradigm’s alive and well. It is but an illusion.

And as for elections, I’m sorry to say, but the late Philip Berrigan said it best. “If voting made any difference, it would be illegal.”

And the media’s latest co-conspirator act of treachery? Working in tandem, albeit mindlessly, with the Feds to hijack reason and systematically habituate our citizens to the relentless and indefatigable broadcasting of a message of vulnerability to the anonymous terrorist. The quintessential bogeyman.

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