LIONEL PODCAST: 9/11 “Conspiracy” In A Nutshell And As A Learning Tool

If you want to begin a fascinating journey, let me take you through the initial layers of 9/11 fact. Not theories, not suppositions or hunches but fact(s). When that moment of discovery happens, that singular EUREKA! moment, you will forever change. When the epiphany hits, you’ll simply never be the same. How could you have missed so much? How could you have been so bamboozled by the Ted Baxter sock puppet, echo chamber, bumper sticker, stenographic MSM? Remember, this isn’t about naming co-conspirators of the now heralded and fabled “inside job.” Sorry, that’s not my bag.

What will astound you is how you know nothing about the massive compilation of data, data that were right before your very eyes. Hidden in plain sight. Data that you abandoned for a media soft sell, a pabulum-heavy saccharine yarn about dark and evil Arabs who hated our freedom. If you can keep an open mind and critically think, you are about to enter a thinking process that will forever change how you view the world. And the truth.

Let me make this very clear. If I were a juror and was charged with determining whether the official account was proved beyond a reasonable doubt (criminal law burden of proof), I would have to render a verdict of not guilty. Because the official story is replete and riddled with reasonable doubt — doubt with which I can attach a reason. And how people who claim to be conversant with the facts don’t see the problems attendant with the official accepted account is beyond me. And, again, let me make this clear: Finding there to be reasonable doubt does not mean that an inside job or conspiracy was proved. In fact, if the best-sourced and most storied “truthers” were to put their case on, I’d likewise be forced to find a reasonable doubt as to the existence of a conspiracy, viz. an internal, governmental cabal. Because, after all, the inside job could in fact be the handiwork of the terrorists themselves.

Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.  (Otto von Bismarck)

Think, my children. Critically think.

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