LIONEL PODCAST: Criminal Law 101 That You Absolutely Need To Know

Innocent until proven indigent. – LIONEL

I can’t believe how little people know about the rudiments of their American criminal law. And I’m not pulling some pedantic, priggish, know-it-all angle. You simply cannot function as a viable and sentient American citizen if you’re not minimally conversant with the rudiments of your system.

In this podcast I illustrate some essential criminal law tenets using the crime of DUI as an illustration. I also explain such abecedarian fundamentals as what exactly is/are law, a crime, misdemeanors versus felonies, the fundamental constitutional precepts that are controlling, Miranda, the mighty Fifth and what to do when arrested. And how to avoid it — other than not committing crimes.

And woven throughout this and every podcast is my homage to critical thinking. There isn’t an issue that can and should be tackled without a healthy application of logically-tiered analysis.

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