LIONEL PODCAST: America Wants The Truth. Not This Drivel.

Marshall McLuhan said, “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” Sound familiar? This describes to a tee the cretinous coterie of Boeotians who spew projectile verbal egesta daily on the soon to be extinct cable news corrals. With nary a clue, they fill the air with apodictic, Manichean, hamfisted vacuity.

Today’s 24/7 barking seal media take vapidity to new levels. These echo chamber, stenographic sheeple are presenters, reading from prompters the White House’s message verbatim. They’re latter day Pravda. What they leave out is criminal. What they report is filtered, vetted, spun, rinsed and dried. If I had the opportunity to compete against these trolls, here’s what I’d do.

Sorry, you have to listen to the podcast. I don’t give ideas away for free. I’m not a missionary.

And, oh yeah. About that cat.

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