LIONEL PODCAST: The Death Penalty Is Obscene

Nothing evinces our blood thirsty and pathetic side quite like the death penalty. When we froth at the mouth collectively and insist that the death penalty is warranted, effective, adequately and sufficiently protected by due process and appellate safeguards and that it is even biblically countenanced, we look like the savage rubes we really are.

Troy Davis’s execution caught the attention of many new death penalty opponents who were shocked at how much seemingly exculpatory evidence was discovered since his conviction and was being ignored. Ha! This must be their first rodeo. In our system of dungeons and dragons criminal justice, this is old news and sadly par for the course.

The only way to absolutely ensure that no one will ever be wrongfully executed under our slapdash system is to abolish the death penalty altogether.

Because you can’t appeal an execution.

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