LIONEL PODDCAST: Law School’s In Session — The Conrad Murray Witch Hunt

Let me teach you to think and sound like a lawyer. In a good way, that is.

First, let’s ask the critical questions.

As to Dr. Conrad Murray, what is he charged with? How many counts? What’s the proof evinced (or intended to be evinced by the prosecution?) Is the defense technical (as in a battle of the experts) or factual (dispute as to facts established)? Is Dr. Murray claiming that Propofol was not the cause of death in that the amounts involved were de minimis? Is he alleging that there were intervening causes of Jackson’s death? Other causes (natural death, heart attack)?

The most pathetic coverage that exists anywhere on Mother Earth is HLN — Hype, Lunacy and Nutjobs. The den mother of this cable psych ward and juridical Boeotian in residence is Jane Velez Mitchell, the first person ever in recorded history who’s a recovering addict. She’s illustrative of the depths we’ve sunk to as a culture and species.

Herein, my thoughts on causation, culpability and criminal law. With a brief prolegomenon.

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