LIONEL PODCAST: So, Who Exactly Is The Enemy? Somebody Tell Us Sheeple.

David Dees’s art knocks me out. My reaction is visceral. And to his artwork as well. (That was a joke.) I will defend my reaction and attraction to his art because that’s precisely what art is designed to evoke. And the pairing of graphic arts and political messaging is as powerful and critical as it gets. Depending, of course, what it is. (That was a joke too.)

Despite my pronounced contrarian nature and hard-wired skepticism, I don’t think Americans are stupid or ill-equipped to grasp the complexity of reality and/or actuality. It’s just that for so long and for so many years and without surcease, you (yes, you) have been so habituated and acclimated to adulterated and filtered news and reality data that you’ve lost any taste buds for truth. You’ve become used to it. You’re ability to differentiate the truth and falsity of presented news has been shunted. Desensitized. Killed. You’re handicapped. News blind. Reality dyslexic. Through a cruel natural selection, the insensate you has been developed. Sad.

Voltaire said that in the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation. And we’re still waiting for much of the news.

But together, you and I will push for the truth.

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