LIONEL PODCAST: Let Me Explain What #OWS Should Be Talking About. Again!

The refrain seems to consist only of “Who’s behind the OWS movement?” That’s it. An amazing (non)range of inquiry, don’t you think? Folks have a — pardon the crudeness of this phrase, but it’s so spot on — they’ve a hard-on for OWS protestors. Benny “Bugsy” Bernanke and the Gambino Family of private central banksters gave $16T ($16,000,000,000,000.00) secretly to US banks, corporations and foreign banks and not a peep from the fatso, bigmouth blaggards who rail against OWS demonstrators. Demonstrators, by the by, whose tireless and brave demonstrations will unilaterally benefit everyone. Including the Archie Bunkers beached on the couch cursing the motivated and involved.

The questions that should be asked are contained herein.

  1. If you have seen Ken Burns’ latest show, you might know that organized crime sort of copied the federal reserve “grid” system in organizing territories, at an Atlantic City convention in the 1930s. Isn’t the new economy like some kind of mountebank in offering us so much “bill shock” for the dubious favors it does for hand-held device social networkers?

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