LIONEL PODCAST: How To Think In A Media Scheiße Storm

I’ve been asked where a concerned and serious student of politics should go for their news source(s). Good question, but it’s not that simple. It’s not what you read or listen to that matters but you must reconfigure your worldview and bias. And let’s get something straight — you have a bias, i.e. an inclination, a frame of reference and a logical, critical, ideological launching pad. More often than not you’re not some tabula rasa devoid of any preconceptions. Don’t be silly.

Let’s review the basics.

  • The left-right paradigm is illusory.
  • The singular most important issue to a country’s future and the leading cause of a society’s demise is its monetary system. And whoever controls it controls the fate and future of a country, society and this republic.
  • Never believe anything the government says until it’s officially denied.
  • Freedom of expression is just an expression.
  • History is the script, not merely the record.
  • Rights aren’t taken away, they’re given away.
  • The sock puppet, bumper sticker, playbook, cookie cutter, echo chamber, stenographic, Ted Baxter, scared Shi’ite-less mainstream media are both co-defendants and co-conspirators in the country’s absolute and crippling nescience as to the actual and verifiable goings-on.
  • Critical thinking is lost and virtually abandoned.

But don’t feel bad. Oh, whom am I kidding? You should absolutely feel bad.

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