LIONEL PODCAST: When There’s Blood In The Streets Buy Real Estate

This is globalism. Take a look. Globalism 101. Go into a country that we want. Foment revolution, invite revolution, recruit agents provocateurs, use the stenographic media to reiterate the meme that our friend for 42 years who Dubya even took off the terrorist rolls and just take over.

Blame the rebels (al Qaeda in fact) but look who softened up Mo and his boys. The French (can you believe it?) dropped two 500lb GBU-12 laser-guided bombs, smack dab into the center of the Mo’s convoy after we opened up with Hellfire missiles. Hello, freedom.

At the center of Libya’s oil industry, where production is already back up from zip to 350K barrels per day, analysts expect to reach a million by January and a return to full pre-war levels (1.6 million barrels) during 2012. Globalist bankster asset strippers and jackals will call for Libyan assets to be “frozen,” translation: stolen. Americans will clap like barking seals for reasons they’ve yet to comprehend. Obama may take some heat, mild heat at best, and all will be forgotten by next week.

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