LIONEL PODCAST: “I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a conspiracy analyst.”

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a conspiracy analyst.”

Gore Vidal said it perfectly. And exquisitely. For too many, the existence of a confederation or consortium perhaps to effectuate a disastrous end is inconceivable for myriad reasons. That fear and dread inspire a recalculation of perception that negates and nullifies that which is psychically troubling. Reality is repackaged, the prism tweaked. And voila! Manufactured relief from the sting of reality.

I, however, dive into the analysis of that which may be supported by those who conspire. I fear not the truth; but I dread the lie.

John Le Carre noted, “Until we have a better relationship between private performance and the public truth, as was demonstrated with Watergate, we as the public are absolutely right to remain suspicious, contemptuous even, of the secrecy and the misinformation which is the digest of our news.”

And we forge ahead. As the brilliant particle physicist and theoretician Teresa Giudice of RHONJ is wont to say, “Bring it on.”

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