LIONEL PODCAST: Lionel On The Alex Jones Show 26 October 2011 CE

Yesterday I had the distinct and singular pleasure (again) of appearing on Alex Jones’s show. To call it radio or Internet or anything that locks it into a delivery system would be absurd and misses the mark by a mile. His Alexa ranking speaks volumes and MSM try their damnedest to marginalize and trivialize his scope of influence as some conspiracy theorist. I hearken back to Gore Vidal’s reference: “I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I’m a conspiracy analyst.” His efforts are an electronic, media, information phenomenon; his model knows no peer. A force of nature the likes of which few can compete with much less understand. And, believe me, the industry is taking note and notes.

I enjoy his work and appearing with him because he truly understands the depth of my passion and concern regarding the plight of my country and world, viz. the declination of civil rights and liberties, increased domestic surveillance, unconstitutional and unlawful invasion of sovereign jurisdictions with no basis or valid imprimatur, the systematic habituation of citizens to increased surveillance, the fast-developing Orwellian police state dystopia, inter alia. Please find the YouTube recordation of this ownderful even as well as my own Lionel YouTube Channel.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Information is the currency of democracy.” Ka-ching!

Part One

Part Two

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