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LIONEL PODCAST: The Genius Bernays. Gawd. Macropsychology. Crowd Think. Propaganda. Illusion. Master Mind. Spiritual Gotcha.

Behold the face of Gawd. Bernays. (Paronomasiacs beware, skip the sauce jokes.) My encomium follows.

In the name of the father. Edward Louis Bernays (November 22, 1891 – March 9, 1995) is considered one of the fathers of the field of public relations along with Ivy Lee. In my mind he’s the Michelangelo of propaganda and a master manipulator of public opinion and perception. Had he met Dawkins, he would be considered the master of memetics. He merged the ideas of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter on “crowd psychology” with the psychoanalytical ideas of his uncle, a dude you may have heard of: Sigmund Freud. Bernays was one of the first to attempt to manipulate public opinion using the psychology of the subconscious (by becky). A man after my own heart.

The royal you. Macropsychology and the collective, the societal mind. A consciousness cooperative. The collective group think. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I study. That’s what amazes me.

Dig this beaut from the Fast Eddie’s vault.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

How can you not love that guy?

Adam Curtis’ acclaimed BBC documentary The Century of the Self is a masterpiece and showcases the genius of Bernays. You’re welcome.

LIONEL PODCAST: Military Detention Coming Soon To A Camp Near You

Beware of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA), especially §§ 1031, 1032. It provides for the unbelievable: It would permit your government to snatch you off the street anywhere and hold you indefinitely without being charged, without bail and without a lawyer made available. It further seeks to dissolve what’s left of the firewall between domestic police and military forces. It subjects you to the jurisdiction of a military tribunal and military jurisdiction. It’s mind-boggling. And the fact that it’s even being considered is anathema to anyone barely and vaguely conversant with the Constitution.

This reminds me of how your government snatched Brooklyn-born Jose Padilla from the baggage carousel at O’Haire Airport and made him an enemy combatant. How? Why? By what authority? Dunno. They just did. And you said nothing. There was no basis for that, none. And you said nothing.

Japanese-Americans were subject to internment and many said nothing. Remember? It was in all the papers. Even today, professional conservatoid harridan Michelle Malkin actually wrote in favor of it and called it “racial profiling.” Racial profiling?! What’s beyond hysterical and ironic is that in a round-up of Japanese-looking folks, Malkin would be the first one on the train. Let’s see her parse her particular ethnicity to some FEMA or DHS goon today. Want more? Malkin’s a jackpot or anchor baby and yet decries such. Is that self-loathing or just hypocrisy? (What was that about the ass of the rat that no one gives?)

Anyhoo, tell the Senate Nein! Nein! Nein! (Thanks, Herman.)

On November 17, Colorado Senator Mark Udall noted very serious concerns he had with portions of the bill in a speech on the Senate floor.

Mr. President, I would also point out that these provisions raise serious questions as to who we are as a society and what our Constitution seeks to protect.  One section of these provisions, section 1031, would be interpreted as allowing the military to capture and indefinitely detain American citizens on U.S. soil.  Section 1031 essentially repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 by authorizing the U.S. military to perform law enforcement functions on American soil.  That alone should alarm my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, but there are other problems with these provisions that must be resolved.

As to the dangers of internment, an op-ed by Floyd Mori, national executive director of the Japanese American Citizens League, addresses the bill’s detention provisions. He knows a thing or two about detention.

Although the details of the indefinite detentions of Japanese-Americans during World War II and the proposed indefinite detentions of terrorism suspects may differ, the principle remains the same: Indefinite detentions based on fear-driven and unlawfully substantiated national security grounds, where individuals are neither duly charged nor fairly tried, violate the essence of U.S. law and the most fundamental values upon which this country was built.

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson penned a most succinct adumbration of the problems the NDAA presented in Yes, Americans Will Be Targeted As Terrorists Under the NDAA.

LIONEL PODCAST: Predator Becomes Prey. My Dream, Hope And Prayer.

Prolegomenon. I love this picture. Love it.Look at it. Carefully.

The great upheaval. Paybacks are a bitch. What goes around comes around. Karma. Revenge. Justice. Kismet. Fate. I now, what scheiße. I’d love to think that somewhere in the cosmic slumgullion, there’s something that approximates justice. Where the bad guys get theirs in the end. Like I said, I want to believe that. I truly do. I wish there was the God dude, perched on a cloud and meting out justice to those who’ve been insufferable pricks. Because I actually believe — notwithstanding the fact that I believe in virtually nothing paranormal or mystical — there is a reference level of good. Not exemplary, not Mother Teresa good, but just good. Good as in not bad.

I laud the protestors of #OWS. An the Occupy movement in general. I admire their fortitude and perseverance and no matter how the intellectually sprained laughed at what they saw as a specious cause, they carried on undaunted and unaffected. That’s the American spirit. And that inspiration and energy for good will be (dare I say) blessed. I know, I know. This sounds pollyannaish. But I can think of worse things to be.

Now, the subject matter herein.

  • My plan to inoculate kids with the truth as to sexual predation.
  • The audacity of Facebook and Pollyanna worldviews.
  • The habanero 350K SHU and the day after.
  • Mindless acceptance of the God myth and knee-jerk rejection of the UFO.
  • Life after death and hopey-wishy feel good stuff.
  • Eames, art and independent film.

Billlets doux.

I receive such lovely email from viewers and followers, viz. this gem. May I suggest reading this in a Village coffee shop as you don a beret and snap your fingers to the music of Sun Ra? [No grammatical or spelling corrections have been made. Keeping it real.]

Hi Lionel,

I’m a freelance surrealist, and your right in this day in age we need to tame the wild beast whether its here nor there, people aren’t fools anymore, and the (feel good) is gone, and the let downs are many in real terms we can be magical, and inspiring over thousands of generations I mean its 2011 in New York City its cute in all with all the protesting,(thought about that reality when I was also in my twenty’s) and ever bad movie is in 3D and music and art has hit and all time low, because (I think) we lost what the definition of what a pioneer is (not a guy who made a social network, nor a guy who created a 2g, 3g, 4g phone, nor a young canadian pop singer or lady of gaga singer, and countless other diverse let downs mixed in with reality shows, and the list goes on), but something certifiably home grown, set in stone, and I’m not going near politics or fascist (I mean fashion)  So what the hell happen to our underground our are direction, were our greats, under rugs? what do you think?

Welcome to my world.

Memory Lane. November 26, 2010. Last year. And nothing changes.

LIONEL PODCAST: Postprandial Psychosis, America Needs A Colonic, Society Devolves. Don’t Get Me Started!

Look, don’t kid yourself. This Internet(s) meme of Lt. John Pike — a cross between Buford Pusser and Barney Fife — is just a bit, a riff, some cyber graffiti. That’s all. But it should be more. He should enjoy iconic status — negative iconic status. He’s emblematic of what’s wrong wit this country, a country teeming with zombified, flag-waving Boeotians who repeat with a slack-jawed mumble the mantra that “we’re the bestest country in the whole dang world.” Just what the hell does does that mean anyway?

It should shock Americans and remind them how the hyper-militarization that I’ve spoken about is now a pandemic. Barney Pike is a symptom of a greater problem. Violence is escalating. That which is accepted is as well. TSA gate rapers, glorified federalized skycaps with badges, are free to grope, manhandle and sexually batter an unsuspecting submissive public all under the false flag specter of terrorism.

The number of Taser abuses is skyrocketing. Entire YouTube channels have been devoted to such. “Don’t Tase me, Bro!” is right up their with “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Kids are being handcuffed, arrested, booked and carted off to the hoosegow for behaviors that would never have warranted physical arrest 20 years ago. What happened?

And the Occupy Movement really showed us what police abuses are all about.

And during our postprandial perennial shopping orgy, Black Friday, citizens themselves have joined the pepper spray/O.C. bandwagon, blasting fellow shoppers for a flat screen or toaster oven. We’re devolving, kids. Just look around.

And it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

LIONEL PODCAST: Happy Boid-day, Meleagricide, Turkey Bloodlust & Wanton Slaughter (A Truncated Howdy-Do)

Happy Thanksgiving. On this blessed day. Or something.

LIONEL PODCAST: Lone Gunman, Jet Fuel, Terrorism, Liberal/Conservative, The American Dream, The Best Country In The World, Freedom Of Speech And Other Myths

There are people who insist on living in a fantasy world. A world that’s safe from truth. A world that never deviates from the American Dream and the make believe world of the MSM la-la land. Bill O’Reilly’s world of made up Lincoln factoids. MSNBC leaning forward when they should be more froward. And mention to anyone who believes in the aforementioned that maybe their world is a joke, a fraud, a myth . . . that horrible conspiracies and cabals hijacked history and set in course a terrible world plan, they dismiss you. They can’t hide their pique, their peeve.

This is an email I received from a PIX 11 viewer. Feel his contempt for reality.

Dear Lionel:
Time to return to reality.  All you JFK conspiracy nuts should either produce evidence that his assassination was a “conspiracy hit”  or finally shut up.   You quote the conclusion of the House  Assassination Committee as credible and dismiss the conclusions of the Warren Commission?  The latest investigation results using advanced technical data released this month concluded that Oswald acted alone.  The last detailed assassination book “Case Closed”  also concluded  Oswald acted alone.  Despite the fantasy films of Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone, we still have no credible evidence that others were involved besides Oswald.

The fact that not a single conspirator has been discovered in 48 years will not discourage you theorists from endlessly repeating your conspiracy fantasies..  When you unearth one of your phantom conspirators, we will stop laughing at unproven theories.


I wrote back as follows.

You’ve studied nothing, know nothing and apparently care to keep it that way.

It’s a free country.

Thanks for watching.

His response to my response?

I don’t have to prove a conspiracy didn’t exist, you have to prove a conspiracy did exist.  Show me the evidence!  48 years from now, you will still be looking for the “conspirators?”

Don’t thank me for watching, I change channels as soon as your face appears on the screen.


LIONEL PODCAST: The JFK Assassination At 48 Years Today — The Crime And Lie Of The Century Introduced Many To Their First Government Conspiracy

Forty-eight years ago today. Look what they did to your 35th POTUS. Take a good look. When people speak of the JFK assassination, this is what it looked like. Familiarize yourself with the horrors of head-shot murder. I’ll never understand why murder is sanitized and euphemized.

The body looks waxen, mannequin-like. Lifeless misses the point. It’s devoid of animation. The life force, energy: gone. Life is projected from the eyes. Look. This is murder. Imagine, this is the same vibrant JFK now reduced to this. This is what the JFK assassination is all about. And this is why my country’s nonchalance even 48 years later infuriates me.

Brain, dura. Look. This is what they did. That’s right — they! For to truly understand the implications of this story, the object of the conspiracy is really irrelevant. The horror of murder is what this is about. This was the most famous conspiracy in my lifetime. That’s right. It was a conspiracy.

Who said anything about a conspiracy? These guys. The House Select Committee on Assassinations. The House as in Congress. And its findings are absolutely crystal clear.

Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives

I. Findings of the Select Committee on Assassination in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

I.B. Scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy. Other scientific evidence does not preclude the possibility of two gunmen firing at the President. Scientific evidence negates some specific conspiracy allegations.

I.C. The Committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The Committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.

The Committee noted that SCOTUS Mr. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes defined conspiracy as a partnership in criminal purposes. The Committee’s footnote notes the following.

1It might be suggested that because of the widely varying meanings attached to the word “conspiracy,” it ought to be avoided. Such a suggestion, however, raises another objection– the search for euphemistic variations can lead to a lack of candor. There is virtue in seeing something for what it is, even if the plain truth causes discomfort.

Perhaps the committee presaged our hysteria today over the term conspiracy. Conspiracy today is synonymous with baseless, insane or paranoid.

But wait, you’re thinking, “I didn’t know this.” You didn’t know that a specific finding of a conspiracy was made. Trust me, you don’t know a lot. But join the club.

This is an episode from Nigel Turner’s 1988 BBC documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy. It’s the most fascinating assassination documentary I’ve seen to date. It describes inter alia the famous Badgeman reference. Watch at 06:00 and listen to Gordon Arnold’s story. Tell me this guy’s lying. Go ahead; I dare you. Then at 20:57 begins the portion with Stephen Rivele. Absolutely fascinating. Especially his description of Lucien Sarti and the Marseilles-Corsican assassins. It just shows you how much you’ve never heard. And the reason may be in part because so many folks just don’t want to know anything about this. Or any high level government conspiracy. They protect their precious innocence, their sensibilities. They’ll quickly refute the veracity of the claimants and dismiss the story for a host of reasons. As is their right.

Ignorance is as American as stupidity.

LIONEL PODCAST: Parents Who Post Their Kids’ Info On Facebook Should Be Charged With Aiding And Abetting Potential Pedophilia

It’s true and you know it. Facebook narcissism has now infected common sense. It’s the “Look at me!” phenomenon gone high tech. And that now includes kids, innocent victims of parents (mostly mothers) who consider kids as trophies and possessions and chattel. Kids are an extension of the narcissist. An example of a possession, something collected and displayed. Something that draws attention.

Imagine this hypothetical posting. Look at little Morgan; today’s her birthday. She just got her braces off. Here she is with her puppy. Here she is with Grandma and Grandpa.

So what does this seemingly innocent entry tell the pedophile?

  • Her birthday and all the identity theft stuff that comes with that little seemingly insignificant information.
  • It provides data, the pedophile’s life blood. Data. Data about her that the child predator can use to forge familiarity.
  • Her puppy’s name and the seemliness endless list of possibilities that that involves. Tales of the lost puppy. Or, again, familiarity. Contrived scenarios of the missing puppy. The perv now contrives a story about Samson the puppy being lost and little Morgan can help.
  • Photos that were most probably geotagged. Tells us where little Morgan lives and where the grandparents live. Nice stuff in the house. Oh, easy pickin’s for a burglar as well. Not to mention if narcissist Facebook mom tells me that this is where they’ll all be over the weekend — alone and without any significant security — and that’s such a typical Twitter entry.

Facebook takes the pitiful and piteous and gives them a platform. And that’s a fact. Don’t get me wrong, I use Facebook and Twitter. It’s part of my biz. But I refrain from personal stuff. For no other reason than it’s nobody’s goddamned business. But please, please listen to what I’m saying.

So herein, there’s the basis of this podcast.

And then . . . the other stuff. After having recorded this installment, I can honestly say, I have no idea where it went. Or why. But that’s the beauty of what I do. And this one’s a doozy.

LIONEL PODCAST: Enough With The Stupid “Pizza Is A Vegetable” Trope! I’ll Tell You Why Kids Are Fat, Slovenly And Couch-Like.

First, the meme is “Pizza is a vegetable.” The meme should be “The mindless sockpuppet media fall for this easy ‘news’ morsel. Yet again.” Remember the Reagan era’s meme of “Ketchup is a vegetable”? Easy, simple. Most digestible and loaded with graphics and TV “news” crack: B-roll. Video packages at some pizza shop, the mindless man on the street maundering about pizza. Translation: a waste of time. Thanks, Ted.

It’s not even a TV “news” amuse bouche; it’s a scrap, offal. Shards of gristle.

But the meme seems to be, from what I can decipher, that kids are fat, overweight, slovenly, torpid, walrus-shaped and the like because of greedy food lobby addicted pols who write into proposed legislation this crap that tomato paste and salt are beneficial. Excuse me, not salt: sodium (Na). And who knew there was a salt industry? Well, take that cum grano salis, I suppose.

A friend of mine sent me this email. I post it here in its entirety. It addresses the subtheme of this stupid TV “news” story/meme about pizza being a vegetable.

As Al Einstein noted, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” This man will never suffer that disorder.

I was looking through pictures from my elementary school and my high school annual, and I noticed that very few of the kids were overweight. And the cafeterias served almost nothing a modern nutritionist would call healthy – mystery meat patties, sloppy joes, green jello squares, canned vegetables that were devoid of flavor or or texture. So why weren’t we all tubs of lard? We played outside all of the time. We rode our bikes all over our neighborhoods. We played ball at the high school field. Kids in that age range, especially boys, have metabolisms that approximate a Bessemer furnace. A skinny teenage boy can wolf down an entire pizza and not gain an ounce.

But now? The fields are paved over, there are no places to play outside, and kids spend their time in front of TVs and computer screens. Caloric intake is part of the equation, but how calories are burned – or not – is an equal or larger part of the story.

The other angle to this . . . is what the kids are eating outside the school. You can’t blame the cafeteria if the kid ingests massive amounts of calories at home and at the mall.

So what’s the big deal? According to MSNBC, the final version of a spending bill was released that was meant to undo many public school lunch standards proposed by the Agriculture Department on November 14th, 2011.

The bill also would allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable, as it is now. Food companies that produce frozen pizzas for schools, the salt industry and potato growers requested the changes, and some conservatives in Congress say the federal government shouldn’t be telling children what to eat.

Herein let me address the following:

  • The correlations(s) and causation of childhood obesity.
  • The devastating effects on the African-American population.
  • Childhood play disappearing.
  • Drugs, antidepressants, bipolar meds, vaccines and the zombification of today’s kids.
  • The role of the “news” media in perpetuating stupid behaviors.
  • The role of the “news” media in creating aberrant behaviors.

Have a slice day.

LIONEL PODCAST: The American Nightmare — Dress Rehearsal

Can you say beta test? #OWS was a beta test for the day of complete upheaval in this country. ‘Twas just a test. What seals our fate is the fact that we feel special and somehow blessed. We’re exceptional. We’re the U.S. of A. That thinking will destroy us. Not to mention the thinking that laughs at and chides those who dare to take a position and march like the protestors at #OWS. They will in fact be seen one day as the prescient ones. And speaking of prescient … .

The prescient genius. Stephen Stills is one of my heroes. His first solo album is a masterpiece. Stills 2 was released on June 30, 1971. I heard it when I was recovering from some pretty major surgery as a young man of 13 (bladder surgery, but that’s for another show). Word Game knocked me out then and to this day. It was before rap and hip-hop but employs a syncopated vocalized rhythm that presaged the style by decades. Stills is a masterful guitar player and a prolific songwriter. What amazes me is a song that never loses its relevance but in fact marinates and becomes even more pertinent and (if you can believe it) more apposite. This is that song.

Would you knock a man down if you don’t like the cut of his clothes
Could you put a man away if you don’t want to hear what he knows
Well it’s happening right here people dying of fear by the droves
And I know most of you
Either don’t believe it’s true,
Or else you don’t know what to do
Or maybe I’m singing about you,
Who knows.
It’s incredibly sick, you can feel it, as across the land it flows
Prejudice is slick when it’s a word game, it festers and grows,
Move along quick, it furthers one to have somewhere to go
You can feel it as it’s rumblin’
Let emotions keep a tumblin’
Then as cities start to crumblin’
Mostly empty bellies grumblin’
Here we go
People see somebody different fear is the first reaction shown
Then they think they’ve got him licked the barbaric hunt begins and they move in slow
A human spirit is devoured the remains left to carrion crow
I was told that life is change
And yet history remains,
Does it always stay the same
Do we shrug it off and say
Only God knows
By and by, somebody usually goes down to the ghetto
Try and help but they don’t know why folks treat them cold
And the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us just keep getting old.
You see one must have a mission
In order to be a good Christian
If you don’t you will be missing
High Mass or the evening show
And the well fed masters reap the harvests of the polluted seeds they’ve sown,
Smug and self-righteous they bitch about people they owe,
And you can’t prove them wrong, they’re so God damn sure they know
I have seen these things with my very own eyes and defended my battered soul,
It must be too tough to die,
American propaganda, South African lies
Will not force me to take up arms, that’s my enemies’ pride,
Ands I won’t fight by his rules that’s foolishness besides,
His ignorance is gonna do him in and nobody’s gonna cry,
Because his children they are growing up
With bigots and their silver cups
They’re fed up, they might throw up
On you

Word Game – Stephen Stills