LIONEL PODCAST: Spanking Is Barbaric. It’s All About Pissed Off Parents. It’s Anger Not Discipline.

Every now and then an issue is presented that highlights critical analysis deficits and logical linear reasoning pattern failure. Spanking is that issue. It inspires an almost predictable series of observations and questions that are predictable to a tee. (Or “to a T” if you’re a James Wright fan.)

  • I was spanked and it didn’t affect me adversely.
  • I don’t believe in hitting or punching or beating or slapping but the more euphemistic spanking and the lovable swat.
  • Spare the rod . . . you know the rest.
  • This country was far better off when parents were allowed to spank their kids without fear of lawsuits, the police of child protective services investigations.
  • Corporal punishment, an ancillary issue, also permitted a better day and country. (Along with prayer in school, of course.)
  • You can’t discuss spanking unless you’re a parent. That would mean that you can’t discuss police brutality unless you’ve been a cop.

The fact remains that inasmuch as most people have never really seen another spanking episode, this particular seems horrible. Because they’re all horrible. Parents spank and hit because they’re pissed off. That’s it. It’s not about discipline; it’s about being royally and, admittedly, rightfully pissed off. Parents never see their own behavior as abusive. They redirect their lack of adequate parenting skills and merge it somehow with effective behavior extinction and discipline. They can’t fathom how a child screaming in fear whilst mommy or daddy wales away is somehow spirit or character building.And they never could imagine the sexualized violence that, yes, spanking can be. The literature is replete with study after study suggesting such. Listen as I explain herein.

Parents see themselves through the most fascinating prisms. Prisms and lenses that laser focus on defense mechanisms. Listen. At your own peril. As you might gather, I’m not a fan of spanking. I mean, think about it: you can’t discipline a recalcitrant death row inmate with spanking, a condemned man you will kill via lethal injection. If you can’t spank him, how in the name of Gawd could you justify spanking your own kid?

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