LIONEL PODCAST: Lies, Extortion, Blackmail, Champerty, Maintenance, Mountebanks & Media Whores. Business As Usual.

Behold the face of victimization: Sharon Bialek. I know this might be a tad desultory, perhaps, but doesn’t she look like a cross between Gennifer Flowers and a post-surgery Roseanne Barr? And throw in Stifler’s mom from the “American Pie” for good measure. I’m just saying.

This poor woman. Feel her pain. See the look of embarrassment as she withdraws from the world. The look of terror is permanently tattooed on her face. Oh, don’t let that smile fool you. This is the face of sexual victimization at the hands of that animal Herman Cain. In 1997. Fourteen years ago. Bill Clinton was President. She merely came forward now, lo these years later, to help Herman Cain. Oh, this’ll help, all right. Imagine if she wanted to hurt him.

In today’s podcast I hit upon a number of subjects that intertwine, intersect and are interconnected.

  • Gloria Allred is the last person I’d ever call for anything vaguely resembling something remotely legal in nature. What insanity for Allred, the Al Sharpton of sexual harassment, to pick the hallowed halls of the schtick temple The Friars to announce Cain’s latest decades old victim. And dropping the “stimulus package” line?! What was she thinking. Truly.
  • The real story about Conrad Murray’s conviction: This was a civil case. The DA’s grandstanding. The crime of involuntary manslaughter is not designed to handle a sloppy, greedy doctor. No, that’s what reality shows are for. (That was a joke.)
  • The Joe Paterno disgrace and what this means. The cult of college football and the illusion of impenetrability play powerful roles in this mess. Paterno should have been better protected. Why in the name of Gawd would they protect for one minute former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. A lowly nobody compared to the football God JoePa. I would have thrown Sandusky over, under and on top of the bus. The reaction was insane. Haven’t they any memory of what happened to the Catholic Church?
  • The similarity in cultures that inspired the Paterno-Murray collective messes. The illusion of invincibility and impenetrability lay claim to its latest victims.
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