LIONEL PODCAST: JoePa’s Death Sentence & Republicans Just Love Stupid

This podcast addresses two areas primarily: (a) the ouster of Joe Paterno after that horrible serial rapist and pederast, the xanthodontous Sandusky was finally popped; and (b) how despite MSDNC and other Obama acolyte professional left media outlets don’t understand that no one cares about a bumbling, logolalic GOP candidate. He’s quaint. Or something.


  • JoePa lawyers up. There’s a slew of litigation heading his and their way. It seems though that Paterno’s off the criminal liability hook unless he stupidly obstructed justice or perjured himself during any grand jury investigations and/or the like.
  • The destruction of the Penn State brand. Can you say Shinola? Remember the connotation to this day of Duke Lacrosse?
  • The severability of culpability. Most folks have a very serious time apportioning individual versus joint and several liability.
  • Legal versus moral responsibility. The two, sadly, are not in any wise identical.
  • The doddered Paterno. His advanced years and living in the Penn State bubble may have insulated him from the severity of this problem.
  • The prediction of Paterno’s untimely and said demise. I truly hope I’m wrong here.
  • The beneficial aspects of this case — this will be a precedent-setting lesson. No one will want to ever repeat this moment. Until the next fool commits the identical crime(s).
    And now for the next subject of discussion.

    The GOP’s Immunity From Stupid

  • This means nothing.
  • Republicans think stupid’s quaint.
  • It’s not a GOP quality to favor and/or hold as valuable intelligence, savoir-faire or a minimal command of facts or the ability to speak. All one need remember is to mention lowering taxes, speak dreamily of Reagan and mention jobs. You can deny evolution, Darwinian mechanics, natural selection — no problem. You can believe in intelligent design and a great big man on a cloud with a white beard — no sweat. Dubya was a cacoepist. Reagan had no clue what movie he was in. These are incidentals. Watch. “At least Ol’ Rick doesn’t need a prompter like Barry, huh?”
  • I truly think there’s something wrong with Ol’ Rick. Aphasia, insobriety or dipsomania or a combination thereof.
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