LIONEL PODCAST: Sandusky Presages His Suicide

He killed himself with Bob Costas. It was suicide by media. And don’t be surprised if he offs himself before it’s all over. Sandusky and his ilk are cowards. He couldn’t handle prison. And for life no less. He’ll meet a new group of folks who don’t take too kindly to child rape and are themselves most expert at inappropriate behavior . . . in showers! And Jerry the psychopath-narcissist came through in spades. Still taunting the system. Still goading the public. Go ahead, try to catch me. I’m Jerry Sandusky. I’m invincible. King of the hill.

Bob Costas’s interrogation of Jerry was absolutely masterful. It was perfect. Direct versus cross examination. Brilliant! But the moment that I’ll never forget. The moment that cinched everything. The moment that sealed his fate was when Jerry played cute with the most important and basic question: Are you a pedophile?

Jerry: “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them, But, no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.” Wow. What’s wrong with “No”?

And his lawyer, the cosmically inept Joe Amendola, let this happen. The heroin lure of the camera strikes again. Amendola (Latin for “dumb ass”) as you may recall knocked up a 16-year-old girl and later married her, according to a new report. But, as they say on Fox News, get this: this when he served as her lawyer during her emancipation case in 1996!

Herein in this podcast I discuss some themes and memes that’ll make ’em scream. Good. The truth hurts.

  • The not-so-subtle homoerotic activities that many self-styled macho men unwittingly follow and find themselves immersed in. Sandusky the skeev speaks volumes about sports, male-only cabals and the psychology of towel-snapping locker room “high jinks.” The culture of the hyper-masculinized world of football. Uniforms that accentuate male physique — broad shoulder-padded hulks slapping each other on the arse. Nothing but contact. A quarterback sticking his hands through the center’s legs fumbling for his ball. And it all screeches to a halt while an effete pinstriped official tosses his  hanky and blows his whistle.
  • Your suspicions should be at their height when it comes to organizations that cater to helping boys, especially the underprivileged and at risk. Paedophiles are experts in targeting their quarry. They know how to get to their prey through their insecurities and the lure of encouragement. Grooming, seduction: these are the tools of the serial pederast and predator. They insinuate themselves into the world of these children who crave attention and care. Think about this the next time you consider presenting your little boy to the head of a program that promises direction and care. It’s where paedophiles go for kids, folks. Wake up.

Yeah. Wake up. And grow up!

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