LIONEL PODCAST: Enough With The Stupid “Pizza Is A Vegetable” Trope! I’ll Tell You Why Kids Are Fat, Slovenly And Couch-Like.

First, the meme is “Pizza is a vegetable.” The meme should be “The mindless sockpuppet media fall for this easy ‘news’ morsel. Yet again.” Remember the Reagan era’s meme of “Ketchup is a vegetable”? Easy, simple. Most digestible and loaded with graphics and TV “news” crack: B-roll. Video packages at some pizza shop, the mindless man on the street maundering about pizza. Translation: a waste of time. Thanks, Ted.

It’s not even a TV “news” amuse bouche; it’s a scrap, offal. Shards of gristle.

But the meme seems to be, from what I can decipher, that kids are fat, overweight, slovenly, torpid, walrus-shaped and the like because of greedy food lobby addicted pols who write into proposed legislation this crap that tomato paste and salt are beneficial. Excuse me, not salt: sodium (Na). And who knew there was a salt industry? Well, take that cum grano salis, I suppose.

A friend of mine sent me this email. I post it here in its entirety. It addresses the subtheme of this stupid TV “news” story/meme about pizza being a vegetable.

As Al Einstein noted, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” This man will never suffer that disorder.

I was looking through pictures from my elementary school and my high school annual, and I noticed that very few of the kids were overweight. And the cafeterias served almost nothing a modern nutritionist would call healthy – mystery meat patties, sloppy joes, green jello squares, canned vegetables that were devoid of flavor or or texture. So why weren’t we all tubs of lard? We played outside all of the time. We rode our bikes all over our neighborhoods. We played ball at the high school field. Kids in that age range, especially boys, have metabolisms that approximate a Bessemer furnace. A skinny teenage boy can wolf down an entire pizza and not gain an ounce.

But now? The fields are paved over, there are no places to play outside, and kids spend their time in front of TVs and computer screens. Caloric intake is part of the equation, but how calories are burned – or not – is an equal or larger part of the story.

The other angle to this . . . is what the kids are eating outside the school. You can’t blame the cafeteria if the kid ingests massive amounts of calories at home and at the mall.

So what’s the big deal? According to MSNBC, the final version of a spending bill was released that was meant to undo many public school lunch standards proposed by the Agriculture Department on November 14th, 2011.

The bill also would allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable, as it is now. Food companies that produce frozen pizzas for schools, the salt industry and potato growers requested the changes, and some conservatives in Congress say the federal government shouldn’t be telling children what to eat.

Herein let me address the following:

  • The correlations(s) and causation of childhood obesity.
  • The devastating effects on the African-American population.
  • Childhood play disappearing.
  • Drugs, antidepressants, bipolar meds, vaccines and the zombification of today’s kids.
  • The role of the “news” media in perpetuating stupid behaviors.
  • The role of the “news” media in creating aberrant behaviors.

Have a slice day.

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